mind of a warrior mma

these fierce competitors, whether the product of nature or nurture, will do whatever it takes to win. these are the fighters who just happen to be pro athletes. inoue would rather die than quit in a fight and although it never came to that, he took courage and heart to the limit of human capacity. if he hits me hard enough to wobble me, i’m focusing enough i hit him right back with the same kind of punch.” it’s the way he expresses himself to the world. it’s a warrior spirit that shines through to everyone who has seen him compete in the cage. they aren’t afraid to throw down outside the cage.

kazushi sakuraba is so tough, he goes beyond admirable right into the realm of “scary.” white has helped sonnen jump immediately to go, skipping over the light heavyweight version of marvin gardens or that awful luxury tax on his way directly to a ufc title shot. he looks more like your 12-year-old cousin than a guy who once single-handedly faced down an asian gang and lived to tell the tale. the fact that he’s a middleweight who’s also beaten the best in the world at both heavyweight and light heavyweight not enough for you? i prefer this version of henderson, one who lives up to the legend. he stoically watched as his arm moved beyond the point of no return, refusing to yield to another man. when it counted though, couture was up to the challenge.

some of his favorite mma fighters include tonya evinger, carlos condit, & luke rockhold. website: serving over 3 the warrior class. cycle through to salute mma’s true heart and soul. enson inoue. 1 of 9. listen to mind of the warrior episodes free, on demand. maximilian carlo martini was born in woodstock, new, fighters mindset, fighters mindset, mind of the warrior fighter, mind of the warrior twitter.

the ufc superstar speaks his mind and interviews mma studs and legends. as chael says “i do the thinking so you don’t special forces operator and highly regarded mixed martial arts fight doctor takes you inside the mind of the helping people find the warrior’s mindset. i have always faced adversity. even at birth, and before age 6, i had to,

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