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research has shown that during times of extreme intensity and tension on a muscle, there is a special type of cell, i.e. satellite cell, that comes along and donates its nucleus to the muscle cell. ben says that the concepts of cep training have been a result of analyzing numerous studies and putting theories into practice. the pump is essentially a build up of metabolites, i.e. he emphasizes that form, technique, and contraction are the three factors that you must focus on in order to induce maximum muscle growth. do you want to be able to generate large amounts of force and acceleration or do you want to maximize muscle growth, i.e.

ben advocates that once you have mastered a particular movement, i.e. the problem is that when conscious effort is used during the concentric portion of the exercise the entire tempo of the exercise tends to speed up. instead: a conscious effort must be made to slow down the eccentric portion of the exercise in order to ensure adequate muscle load. the optimal amount of tension for growth should be compared to the amount of tension that the muscle has been previously accustomed to. part of the inflammation response is chemotaxis, i.e. an increase of blood flow, in turn, results in an increase of the flow of nutrients to the muscle, i.e. an alternative is the adonis golden ratio workout, nutrition, and supplementation program which is being sold for a price of $47.

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