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all loyalty program benefits, amenities, offers, awards and services are subject to availability and may be changed by the company at any time without notice. members are responsible for reading the company’s privacy statement in order to understand how the company collects, uses, and discloses a member’s data. members who book through the hvmi website are subject in all respects to the program rules and the hvmi terms of service. loyalty program members will have access to member service telephone numbers for reservations, customer service and award redemption requests on the member support website. properties and brands that do not participate in the loyalty program pursuant to section 1.2 do not offer the internet access benefit for members. an individual may apply to enroll in the loyalty program by fully and accurately completing an application on the loyalty program website, at a participating property, or through another enrollment channel. information regarding a member’s accumulation of points or miles for business travel is subject to disclosure to the member’s company subject to applicable law and regulations. a member with individual membership accounts in the loyalty program will not be able to link these accounts, transfer points across accounts, or have elite status matched. credit card information included in a member’s profile will be used by participating properties to guarantee the member’s stay and to pay for stay charges, unless the member provides a different credit card when the reservation is made, at check-in or at check-out. members may earn points (the currency of the loyalty program), or miles (the currency of airline frequent flyer programs, including any currency whether it be miles, kilometers, points, etc., with the participating frequent flyer program of their choice), for eligible charges at a participating property in accordance with to section 2. points accrued by a loyalty program member are for the member’s benefit only and may not be transferred to anyone except as provided below. v.      any points which the loyalty program deems in its sole discretion to have been transferred in violation of the loyalty program terms and conditions may be confiscated. a member may cancel his/her membership in the loyalty program at any time by sending written notice of cancellation to member support . the member may reapply for membership in the loyalty program at a later date, but no points, redemption awards and promotional awards previously forfeited or expired will be reinstated to the member account and any elite membership status and/or lifetime elite membership status will not be reinstated. a member may not accumulate points or claim redemption awards, promotional awards or loyalty program benefits or amenities after the termination of the loyalty program. elite bonus points, provided the member has met the elite membership requirements for elite membership status or lifetime elite membership status as outlined in section 4.2. the amount of bonus points a member earns will depend on the member’s achieved elite member tier pursuant to section 4.3. available to elite members at all participating brands except as otherwise noted in section 1.2.a. a member may only earn points for up to three (3) guest rooms during any stay if he/she stays in one of the reserved guest rooms and pays a qualifying rate or redeems a points redemption award or a promotional award for all of the guest rooms. a member may not earn both points and miles for the same stay. when choosing to earn miles instead of points for qualifying stays, members must also designate a participating airline frequent flyer program and corresponding account number in the member profile to which the member’s miles will be credited. points/miles and elite night credit may be earned for stays completed within thirty (30) days prior to the member’s enrollment in the loyalty program as described further in section 9.3, if such credit is requested through member support, along with a copy of the paid receipt for the stay, within sixty (60) days of the stay. purchasing points using a marriott co-brand credit card may qualify for earning points in accordance with the terms and conditions in section 6. points earned in connection with the partner are subject to these loyalty program rules along with any applicable terms and conditions of the partner. members of identity at the cosmopolitan of las vegas may convert identity points to loyalty program points in accordance with the identity program terms and conditions. awards are valid only for use by the individual designated on the award and are not transferable, although, if requested at the time of issuance, an award may be issued to a third party. when making a reservation at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance, a “redemption award” will be added to the stay automatically, provided the member has sufficient points for the entire stay, and the redemption award will be activated upon check-in. an award redemption stay at a participating property is considered a qualifying stay and as such the member will receive elite night credit toward earning elite membership status or lifetime elite membership status; however, the award redemption stay will not count toward achieving any milestones required to obtain a promotional award. if a participating property exits the loyalty program for any reason after a member makes an award redemption stay reservation but before the member’s stay, the company will use reasonable efforts to have such former participating property honor the reservation or assist in arranging equivalent accommodations nearby; however, the company cannot guarantee that any awards, upgrades or any other benefits a member may earn under the loyalty program will be honored. a “point upgrade award” is issued when points are redeemed to upgrade a free night award in a standard room and is subject to availability at participating properties. members will not earn points or miles on the cash portion of cash + points awards and members are responsible for all applicable taxes and service charges associated with the cash portion of cash + points awards. the award redemption may be canceled by the loyalty program or the participating property and the reservation will be converted to a cash reservation at the best available rate. a request for an instant redemption award may only be made by a member of the loyalty program who is in good standing.

points redeemed in connection with charitable donations are subject to the program rules along with any applicable terms and conditions of the partner processing the donations. members requesting to convert points earned through the marriott bonvoy loyalty program to participating airline partner miles, must be a member of both marriott bonvoy and the relevant participating airline partner frequent flyer program and/or airline-affiliated loyalty program in order to successfully complete the conversion. points redeemed in connection with this partner are subject to the loyalty program rules along with any applicable terms and conditions of the partner. and are reserved for members only and apply solely to the one guest room in which the elite member stays. in order for an elite member to be eligible to receive elite benefits during his/her stay, the elite member must provide his/her loyalty program membership number when making a reservation. guests accompanying elite members to a participating property are not eligible for the elite benefits guarantee. lifetime elite status only provides a member with silver elite, gold elite, platinum elite, or titanium elite status and protection against the forfeiture of points even if the lifetime elite member is inactive. if a participating property is unable to honor the reservation, it will pay for comparable accommodation nearby for the elite member that night and compensate the member for the inconvenience. in addition to all of the benefits silver elite members receive, gold elite members and above are eligible to receive the following benefits: i. gold elite members receive one elite welcome gift of points on a stay of one or more consecutive nights as described in 2.1.d, even if they check in and check out of the same participating property within 24 hours. platinum elite members and above receive a complimentary upgrade to the best available room subject to availability for the entire length of stay at the time of check-in. members who select or receive points as their elite welcome gift and have designated their earning preference as miles will need to initiate the transfer of elite welcome gift of points to miles as described in section 2.3. if the elite welcome gift is not offered at time of arrival, compensation applies (see below). once a platinum elite member becomes eligible to receive a 50-night annual choice benefit, he/she must choose his/her 50-night annual choice benefit by visiting and selecting one of the 50-night annual choice benefits. (9)    suite night awards may not be transferred or given as a gift or used as part of a multiple room reservation; however, a member may use suite night awards for additional single-room reservations on his/her own stay as long as the member is present for the stay and the other reservations are under the member’s name. the promotional code may be terminated or modified at any time and without any liability to the loyalty program. for example, if a member is given the silver elite status benefit during the 2019 eligible status year, the member will become a silver elite member for the remainder of 2019, all of 2020, and january and february of 2021. the silver elite minimum requirement must be achieved in the subsequent eligible calendar year to remain a silver elite member during the calendar year following such subsequent eligible status year or the member will be downgraded to the subsequent level on march 1 of the calendar year following such subsequent eligible status year. elite nights and elite membership status are subject to the program rules in section 4.2.b. in addition to all of the benefits platinum elite members receive, titanium elite members and above are eligible to receive the following benefits: i. the free night award can be redeemed at any available participating property for one (1) night, up to 40,000 points, for a standard room. an ambassador elite member is eligible to participate in the ambassador service during an eligible status year and continue through the subsequent calendar year. in addition, for participating properties in asia, australia & pacific islands, intermediaries booking an event on behalf of any government entity (u.s. or non-u.s.) or soe are not considered eligible loyalty program members and are not eligible to participate in marriott bonvoy events. points will be awarded or miles will be submitted to the participating airline frequent flyer program partner within ten (10) business days after the conclusion of the event provided that the event is not cancelled, and all other terms and conditions of the group or catering contract executed in connection with the event were met. points or miles and elite night credit awarded for qualifying events may be split between up to two members if both are recorded in the qualifying event agreement. points redeemed in connection with these partners are subject to the loyalty program rules along with any applicable terms and conditions of the partner pursuant to section 3.10.a. the number of points or miles to be awarded shall be determined in accordance with the loyalty program rules in effect at the time of award. 7.1.c due to the nature of marriott vacation club and marriott grand residence club properties, the following special conditions apply to their participation in the loyalty program: i.      members will earn elite night credit for a qualifying stay at marriott vacation club and marriott grand residence club properties, and for stays at participating properties as part of the mvc exchange program (e.g. gold (or as applicable, platinum) elite status and any accumulated points in a vistana owner’s loyalty program membership account do not transfer upon sale of the vacation ownership interest to a third party. a new member will not receive any points or qualifying nights for elite status for any stays or qualifying events that occurred prior to the pre-enrollment period, even if he/she was a member under a loyalty program offered by the company other than the current loyalty program, except for stays and qualifying events at participating properties that are incurred and paid for during the pre-enrollment period. membership in the loyalty program and the earning and redeeming of points are subject to all applicable local laws and regulations. the loyalty program rules, together with any other terms and conditions, rules, or regulations incorporated herein or referred to herein constitute the entire agreement between the company and members relating to the subject matter hereof, and supersede any prior understandings or agreements (whether oral or written) regarding the subject matter, and may not be amended or modified except in writing or by making such amendments or modifications available on the loyalty program website.

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