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you must have javascript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. as such, i decide a little break was in order. writing this today, i’m exactly thirty pounds heavier than i was in phoenix last fall…up to 234 from 204 pounds. i plan to cruise along at this body weight until i begin dieting for my next contest later in the year. keep in mind that off-season for me isn’t a time to eat unrestrained; but it is a time in which i take a break from meticulously measuring every single gram of protein, carbs and fat i put in my body. this is a snapshot of a single day of what i really ate. i learned that if i didn’t want to be an absentee father in the evenings, then am workouts were a requirement. not only was it a game-changer in terms of recovery ability, it provides the fuel i need (quickly) to tackle john meadows mountain dog training.

mag-10 essentially contains the protein (casein hydrolysate) and carbohydrate (branched cyclic dextrin, isomaltulose) as is found in plazma but in a higher ratio of protein/carbs. it’s what i consider my second line of defense to plazma in terms of recovery. i added some broccoli florets and for protein included an organic chuck roast prepared in a slow cooker the night before. i avoid carbs in the afternoon because they make me too sleepy. i tend to use two servings of this later in the day or before going to bed. i rarely train twice a day, but this particular evening christina wanted to go to the gym. due to the impromptu training session christina and i went out for sushi afterwards. calories in the 3,200-3,600 range work well for me. this requires some planning and preparation; however i also allow myself a break from being overly analytical regarding the exact quantities of food i’m eating.

i hate dieting. i don’t even like the word. perhaps because i’ve subjected myself to 30+ diets by mark dugdale | 08/02/18. see this pro bodybuilder’s recommendation for dietary fat. hint: it’s the unconventional is the word mark dugdale uses to describe his off-season diet. for one, even, .

check out what mark has done with his 23+ years of knowledge to achieve the level of physique including nutrition, i spent the off-season getting fat in the name of “bulking” up, only to diet away much of the gains in 5. what’s your diet like? i eat mostly, organic whole foods. my favorite protein sources are chicken, bison, wild boar, whole,

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