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and while usual suspects dear evan hansen, waitress and & juliet are leading the pack, it is nice to see such love for small island here too. continue reading “nominees for the 9th annual mousetrap awards” i didn’t check the merchandise stand at irene sankoff and david hein’s come from away but i wouldn’t be surprised if they were seeing branded tissues, such is the weight of expectation that comes with this musical, set in the days after 9/11. there, in a canadian town that practically doubled in population overnight, we witness the unfolding of a tragedy but more significantly, the response of a community willing and able to do anything to extend the hand of friendship. the forthcoming production there is to be staged by the first-ever company of women of colour in a shakespeare play on a major uk stage.

particularly with tourists, it’s a ready-made and captive audience with little else to do in this bustling city and by the looks of the palace theatre last night, keen as mustard. technically speaking, it is less of a musical than i would strictly consider, the narrative quickly gives way to a mini-concert at the show’s end but with music as good as this, and an actor-musician cast as talented as this, such crowd-pleasing antics feel entirely forgivable. the main surprise comes with how little story there actually is – the premise is simply that young gun jimmy rabbitte decides to put a band together and that is pretty much it. it’s a curious interpretation which takes a little time to really gel, the opening 20 minutes or so struggles to make its mark as there’s little music and the surprising thinness of doyle’s writing is at its most exposed – for all the time jimmy spends in his house, his ma gets an appallingly small amount to say.

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the highly anticipated musical come from away leaves me dry-eyed at the phoenix theatre despite a very strong cast. mark dugdale. currently appearing in come from away. represented by belfield & ward. trained at guildford school mark dugdale is originally from belfast. and garth/kevin t/ensemble in come from away at the phoenix theatre.,

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