maggot feeder rig

while the float is certainly the finest way to fish for most species, conditions often dictate that the feeder will be more effective because it enables you to present a hook bait right on the bottom. the maggot feeder rig allows you to feed an area over time throughout the session, which in turn attracts fish into the baited area. a medium gauge wire hook is used for strength, but in a smaller size to keep it discreet when presented over a bed of maggots. make the hooklength around about 45cm (18in) in length, this optimum length will limit the chances of tangling on the cast, while still providing a good distance between the hook bait and feeder for the wariest of fish. fish three maggots on the hook and fill the feeder to release a constant trail of enticing loose feed.

this will ensure your casting to the same area time after time. when fish start feeding confidently, start reducing the amount of bait your putting into the feeder. 2. tie the other end of the hooklength to a micro swivel. 3. thread the feeder on to the mainline using a clip bead. this will buffer the weight of the feeder on the cast and help to reduce tangles. 5. to complete this simple rig, tie the mainline to the micro swivel using a four-turn grinner knot and bait the hook with three maggots.

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