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there are two schools of thought when choosing – firstly the type of ground and secondly the attributes of a particular bass lure rod. many occasional anglers catch their first bass on a metal ‘spinner’ lobbed out and simply retrieved, but to catch decent-sized bass on a recurring basis, the ability to work the lure in the manner that it was designed for is crucial. the fundamental attributes to consider when searching for a bass lure rod are balance, casting weight range, action and sensitivity. my opinion is that a weight (for example a £1 coin at 9g or a £2 coin at 12g) taped to the very end of the rod butt (especially when it weighs around 130g and the reel around 180-230g) makes more difference (for the better if a rod is tip heavy) than attaching a reel that is 50g or even 100g heavier for that matter.

the main disadvantage is that lure vibration, bites and that all-important feel will be slightly lacking, and any movement created by the angler (twitches etc) will take a split second longer to transmit through the rod to your lure. sometimes a fast rod can feel a little too poker-like and the main disadvantage is the increased probability of the hooks pulling from a fish’s mouth. for all the waggling of a fishing rod on your visit to the local tackle shop, it is the way it feels when you are out fishing that is important. all this while allowing you to feel everything and transmit, directly and simultaneously, your every rod and reel movement.

spinning rods are your best choice for casting lightweight lures or terminal tackle. we also have spinning reels so you can create the perfect spin fishing rod and reel combo. take a look at our collection of spinning fishing rods and find the one that works for you. spinning rods are fishing rods designed to be used with spinning reels which, when mounted on the rod, will be held underneath the rod in the angler’s hand. spinning rods are best suited for casting light lures and terminal tackle because of the way the line comes off the spool into guides specifically designed for spinning rods.

the funneling of this line creates friction against the spinning guides, which can affect casting distances for heavier lures and terminal tackle. this is different than baitcasting rods which are designed to feed the line straight off the baitcasting spool and creates little to no friction against the guides. the handle length and reel seat locations are popular variables with spinning rods, giving the angler the ability to choose just the right rod for comfort and leverage. spinning rods are available in one-piece rods, up to as many as six-piece rods, as well as telescopic models for easy storage and traveling. casting distances can be greatly increased by using longer spinning rods, which also act as shock absorbers against hard-fighting fish.

because there are so many different lure fishing techniques, we have a wide range of rods. whether you’re baitcasting, spin fishing, drop shotting, what this means is that you’re looking at a medium heavy 7′ 3″ spinning rod, that can handle most rods sold to bass anglers these days are casting rods, spinning rods being reserved for, .

from design to casting weight, south devon bass guide marc cowling gives his top tips on selecting the best lure rod for bass fishing. spinning rods are fishing rods designed to be used with spinning reels which, when mounted on the rod, will be held underneath the rod in the angler’s hand. telescopic fishing rod reel combo set, contains fishing lures & line for travel saltwater freshwater fishing. 3.3 out of 5 stars 3. save, .

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