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hey, what size inline single hook for 4/0 treble hooks i do not live next to a store so there fore need to know what to order, thank you. however, the chart for the owner on your site and owner’s says to replace a #4 treble with a #1 single. the issue with hook sizes is that not all hook manufacturers have a standard when it comes to sizing. so i personally like to go by physically matching the size rather than going by a number. so i ordered online some owner hooks as you suggested and surprise, the sizes are not even close! so in many cases i went with the slightly smaller replacement hook because the next size looked too large for the lure. you might consider a video comparing these inline hooks and their sizes and strengths, and maybe even a strength test for the 1x vs. 3x to see what can bend them.

tony, you didn’t mention which way you prefer to have the single hooks pointing. the front hook should face forward and the rear hook should face to the rear. i’d like to see salt strongs’ view on the proper single hook size for metals. i actually found these hooks to be virturely the same size from barb to shank i tried 1/0 single hooks on a mirrodine xl, but it just floated to the surface. i would try a 2/0 in the front and a 3/0 in the rear, or use a 2/0 for both. i tend to have a similar issue with the hook catching the leader and fouling up. one question, do you use the original split ring for the replacement hooks or do you replace the split ring too?

they put their heads together to give us a list of the top 5 hooks they rely on for summer bass fishing. both lester and vandam agree the mustad grip-pin big bite soft plastics hook is the best hook for a texas rig application they have ever used. vandam wants to maintain bottom contact at all times when fishing a texas rig offshore and a heavy weight allows him to work his presentation a little faster while keeping touch with the bottom. lester was quick to admit he follows vandam’s process and uses the exact same hooks for his deep diving plugs.

“punching is a great way to catch big bass in the summer,” lester said. both lester and kvd trust the mustad titanx wacky/neko hook for this application. i’ve had an incredibly high landing percentage since i started using that hook for this application.” in the summertime lester is primarily using a neko rig on offshore schools of fish that have been heavily pressured and won’t commit to more traditional power fishing options. the only difference is he drops down to a #4 size and says the hook performs flawlessly. there are a myriad of great options to choose from when picking out hooks that’ll perform properly for these 5 techniques; but vandam and lester provided their go-to selection to shorten your shopping list the next time you head to a tackle store. fishing lures and hooks. 50 pcs treble hooks, lure tackle connector fishing pliers, fishing lanyard and 876 pcs heddon super spook topwater fishing lure for saltwater and freshwater drasry fishing hooks set high carbon steel jig bait sharp fish hook for saltwater shop quality hooks at fishusa. fly tying type. popper heads & head/hook kits hook type. aberdeen; all purpose; bait. barbless; bass & popper, fish hooks, fish hooks, best fishing hooks for beginners, saltwater fishing hooks, gamakatsu fishing hooks.

bait hooks hold the bait in place bait fishing hooks come in a variety of styles and are the white-bread option of hooks. most feature barbs on the shaft to want to replace the treble hooks on your topwater lures with single hooks but don’t know what size to use? watch this video for the answer! a considerable amount of thought and effort go into the lures we use or the areas we target as bass anglers, but hooks are often somewhat, fishing hooks sizes, fishing hook set, eagle claw fishing hooks, fishing hooks walmart.

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