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in fact, the lobster institute estimates that, between the us and canada, lobstermen use somewhere between 700 million pounds and 800 million pounds of herring annually to bait traps. the boom in bait prices has been blamed on area closures and inconsistent landings. alternatives according to bob bayer, university of maine scientist and director of the lobster institute, the need to secure an alternative bait or extend the supply of bait has never been more pressing. then, working with lobster products inc., the lobster institute developed a soy-based bait that worked, but the production was too inconsistent and costly to be practical.

during the early rounds of the project, several “recipes,” so to speak, were developed and tested in the laboratory for their durability in saltwater. these baits were evaluated for their ability to attract lobsters and their durability in traps. this research was conducted by michael tlusty of the new england aquarium and raises concern about the long-term health effects of lobsters exposed strictly to herring bait. however, the study suggested that, over the long-term, an all-fish diet impacted the health of the lobster and actually resulted in a higher risk of disease. in their natural environment, lobsters find additional resources to meet their dietary requirements, bayer said, adding that it will be interesting to see how scientists’ understanding of the relationship between lobster diet and shell disease increases with further research.

o’hara lobster bait has been supplying coast of maine lobstermen and women for over 65 years. operating a full indoor processing facility and over 3.5 historically, harvesters have used locally caught fish such as herring or mackerel for lobster bait, but the numbers of these fish have worcester’s presently supplies cowhide lobster bait and crab bait, trap runners and spindles to dealers in maine, new hampshire and massachusetts., salted herring, salted herring, fish bait, lobster season maine.

salted herring is the prefered bait fish used by lobstermen to lure and trap lobsters. when there is a herring shortage, bait prices increase, impacting the lobstermen’s bottom line. bluefish, cod, mackerel, and menhaden (known as pogeys) are also used as bait. 100% natural ingredients ideal for lobster, crab and crayfish pads preserve bait, reducing washout when traps ascend to surface best used with salmon heads the industry relies heavily on fish for bait. in fact, the lobster institute estimates that, between the us and canada, lobstermen use maine lobster and crab bait information. approved marine species. click on the header label to sort the table. species, restrictions, region of origin, .

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