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finally, i arrived at my destination—an area of land that created a chokepoint for the incoming and outgoing current. grabbing the 35-pound fish with two hands, i took a quick measurement and thought to myself, “it worked!” i love fishing eels. as i begin to forget about my surroundings, a shockwave emanates through the rod and into my hands, resulting in a moment of utter panic and excitement. the most important feature for a reel is a smooth drag and the ability to spool it with braid.

that means i either cast and retrieve the eel, or i drift it in current. the other way to fish your eel is to simply cast and retrieve it, similarly to how you might work a plug. when i am drifting an eel through current and get a bite, i immediately drop my rod tip to avoid alerting the fish to my presence. i like to think of it as feeding the eel to the fish while keeping just enough tension on the line to feel the weight. the fish will inhale your eel in a single bite, and before you have a chance to lower your rod into position, your drag will begin to sing louder than it ever has before.

if you think you may have gotten a hit or bump, check the eel for sandpaper scratches to verify that it was indeed a hit from a striper. during the end game, try to not exert much pressure on the bass to minimize the chances of taking a hook to the face. i think that i’m overloading the system because there may be as many as 150 eels in there at the start of a trip. for a quick trip i want to try this with a 5 gal. i’ve been storing them in an aerated cooler full of water and changing the water 3-4 times a day. i think to be safe (like if you were going to leave for vacation) keeping the eels in a large aerated tank would be best.

i think in the canal 65# power pro and 80 lb leader is not out of the question. is it true to just keep a steady retrieve once they are hooked and not “set the hook”? it is a user friendly display, and certainly exiting for the kids, but maybe i woul be better off with a “real sonar”. once you have the fish symbols turned off, any fish that is marked will display as a certain shape and color. if the bite is tough, it never hurts to add a strip of squid to the hook. you can usually use one sheet on at least a couple of eels, and after that toss it in the trash and grab a new one.

using live eels remains one of the most exciting ways to catch stripers from shore. these five tips for fishing with live eels will help you catch more ling (cobia) and other species on the gulf and atlantic coasts. eels are some of the best live baits to use since they are very strong and lively. they can go hours without needing to be placed in water and also can live in, eel japanese, eel japanese, eels youtube, eating live eel, japanese eel price.

live eels work wonders on cape cod stripers. as with anything certain areas and techniques fish better than others. check out why, how and where here i like to troll eels using one of two methods. method #1 rigs up a live eel with a stinger treble hook threaded through the body of the eel. this is the most i use a fish-finder or 3-way rig when drifting live eels. my leader for live eel fishing is a 5- to 6-foot length of 60-pound monofilament leader with a 9/0, eels playlist, eels video, eels 1997, electric eel.

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