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it was nip and tuck for a while as the bass battled to reach the brushpile and the safety it would bring. “most of the bass i catch are in the 5- to 8-pound range with several over 10 pounds. we came up with some 5- to 8-inch shiners that are really hearty.” “i stocked those shiners about 18 years ago and i’ve been catching those big fish now for 15 years and we also have a healthy population of bluegill and shad in the lake,” hanson said. “i’ll feed about a 16-ounce cup of feed to keep the bream and shiners around the dock where i like to fish.

as a result of the gravel and feed, he has all sizes of bream, shad and shiners around the dock, luring monster bass to come and eat. you fish the same locations as you would fish with artificial lures.” live bait fishing is an art in itself, and capt. this is easily done most of the year, but if he can’t find enough shad to fish with then he will purchase shiners from a local bait shop. and when we anchor we sometimes use bait casters with a carolina rig that gets the bait down to the bottom. become the most informed sportsman you know, with a membership to the mississippi sportsman magazine and

if you are fishing artificial lures and not having much success, a switch to live bait can turn the tables for you. the downside to shiners is that they are a relatively delicate fish, and it is difficult to keep them alive during your day out fishing. you can use crayfish or crawfish to catch both largemouth and smallmouth bass, but this bait is a particular favorite of the smallmouth bass. worms are a popular live bait among bass anglers, and one of the main reasons for this is that they are probably the easiest form of live bait to get your hands on.

frogs are easy to keep as live bait, just put them in a damp pillowcase, and they will quite easily last the days fishing. leeches are good for both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, but they are a particular favorite food of the smallmouth bass. you do not have to do as much work with your rod and reel to make the live bait attractive to the fish. my opinion is that we are out there to catch bass and to have fun, and if one bait type is not working, it can pay dividends to have an alternative bait fishing method in the arsenal of your fishing tactics. the drop shot has been one of my favorite finesse bass fishing techniques and is one that every angler should be using to target a variety of species.

the best live fishing bait for trophy largemouth bass is wild-caught live shiners or shad. the golden shiner is one of the most productive and popular certainly minnows are the indisputable best bait for shoreline-oriented fish like largemouths. but shad are the number one offering for larger quarries that what live baits appeal to the palates of largemouth and smallmouth bass? baitfish crustaceans salamanders worms leeches frogs insects and their larvae., best bait for bass, best bait for bass, best live bait for largemouth bass, best live bait for catfish, live bait for smallmouth bass.

best live bait for largemouth bass crawfish minnows shad nightcrawlers. “bass, stripers, and most other game fish will bite live bait, particularly shad or minnows when they will not strike an artificial lure,” barton said. “in bass crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, shrimp, and crabs all make excellent live bait for bass angling. bass love to eat these crunchy morsels and start eating, live bait for fishing, live bait near me, big bass on live bait, best live bait for crappie.

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