lake trout ice fishing

if you want to catch a bunch of trout, you fish during the biggest hatch, and if you want to catch a big lake trout, you fish through the ice. using your electronics or a bathymetric map, find points of structure in the lake or reservoir you’re fishing where baitfish and smaller gamefish will concentrate. “years ago, i had a chance to fish for lakers with the legendary bernie keefe on lake granby in colorado. he had never tried a 9-inch hogy before and totally used me as a guinea pig, but i was ok with it.” the best ice fishing baits and lures for lake trout while it’s true that a winter-crazed lake trout will eat just about any size bait that drops in front of them, as bernie keefe so aptly demonstrated to joe, targeting big lake trout means using big baits.

the lures you use while ice fishing for lake trout should also be large and provide a lot of flash and action when jigged. to get your baits down to the desired depth and keep them in the strike zone, you’ll want to add a bit of weight to your tip-up rig. the time and the season catching a big fish is probably the biggest motivation behind every fishing trip. most of us pile our ice gear in some corner of the garage after the season is over and we don’t see or think about it until it’s too late in the season that follows.

lake trout, salvelinus namaycush, are a salmonid cousin of both salmon and brook trout. if you want specific information for other species follow these links: the most important fact to understand about lake trout is their intolerance of warm water. in fact, lake trout can only thrive in a narrow band of water temperatures–40°f to 52°f–meaning that in the warmer seasons, they must live deep. but where they’re native, overfishing is a clear and present danger to the species. lake trout will hug the bottom, waiting for prey to school overhead. lake trout are highly mobile predators, and they rarely stay still once they have access to the whole lake. as site predators, lake trout rely on clear water and good visibility to spot their prey at a distance before moving in close for the kill.

lake trout use these contours to trap baitfish in a panicked bundle. it’s not unusual to catch lake trout on a tip-up, though they’re hard to target. we like to jig the one-ounce models, which are 3 ⅝ long. especially deadly on the fluttering descent, lake trout can’t resist these guys. a large jig head can be used as the weight for tube jig, creating a tempting lure combo for feeding lake trout. lake trout are an exciting species to target, but they’re often overlooked as a primary angling species. they’re great for supper, too, and fish less than 20 inches are the best for eating.

the best spots will usually be in 10 to 80 feet of water and can include underwater humps and boulder reefs, saddles of shallow water between ice fishing for lake trout tips, tricks and techniques work the top – when oxygen levels start to fall and baitfish ascend in the water column, arola’s array of trout fishing lures is fairly simple. “my #1 favorite lake trout lure is a ½ ounce white bucktail jig, white, it has to be, .

lake trout often chase their prey down and pin their prey against the bottom of the lake, or in the winter up against the top of the ice. this means that while jigging, you want to move your bait up and down and cover the entire water column, as you can catch fish at all depths. ice fishing for lake trout is not finesse fishing. leave your subtle techniques at home. that’s because lake trout they can be extremely aggressive, swimming since lake trout use the entire water column from right under the ice to the bottom in depths ranging from 5 feet down to about 150 feet, good tube jigs are phenomenal ice fishing lures for lake trout, in large part because of the downward, spiraling, twisting motion you impart to them, .

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