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after about 50 years of fly fishing and being an advocate for making an attempt at creating a sustainable fishery i’ve come to the conclusion that the dfw doesn’t care. stocking the swift with clonebows and then chasing them with cattle prods is a “who cares” situation. good fishing is also to be had on the eb. then there was a trip to the eb on a september afternoon. i did ok with what i was using but the goal was to build that fly with a hint of blue. from now through the weekend we will have mostly cloudy weather with an on and shower.

but there is something “off” with the trout fishing. we got a laugh out of that but that was about it and the madness continues. btw, i’ve only found 2 dead trout on the eb and they were both tigers. i’ll try to target those monster browns on cloudy evenings (not stream born they say but a true survivor) and i’ll be working the lower millers for smallmouth, a totally under appreciated fish. – john gierach i always keep a few of these in my fly box during the months of may and june. we will have brutal heat today and on sunday but the next week looks kind of cloudy and cool which is perfect.

all photos by christophe perez the history of the millers river is a cautionary tale. thankfully, the millers is also a comeback story. after surveys revealed alarmingly high levels of industrial pollution, pcbs in particular, in 1964, the state no longer regarded the millers river as a viable trout stream, and trout stocking ceased. in the mid-1980s, the millers was afforded a second lease on life after clean-water safeguards and restoration efforts helped significantly reduce the concentration of pcbs in the river and in fish tissue.

the state started reintroducing trout in 1984, and since 1989 more than 8 miles of the river’s trout habitat have been regulated as catch-and-release and artificials-only, which put the millers back on the map for fly anglers. he became a millers river expert, a conservationist with the local trout unlimited chapter (over which he presided from 2003 to 2006), and a singular voice chronicling the ups and downs of several massachusetts trout streams on his popular blog and forum, elmer describes the millers as “a mystery giving up its secrets grudgingly. it can be gentle, almost pastoral in some places, and in others tough and brooding.” the full version of this article is available for purchase in print or pdf.

fly fishing information on the millers, swift, middle, west and east branches of the westfield river and the ware, and mill rivers. your best source for ma. the best dry fly fishing on this river occurs after mid july. spring can be very good for rising trout but the place can go crazy from late august through. fly-fishing guide ken elmer spent countless hours in the 1980s and ’90s scouting the river’s trouty runs and pools. he became a millers river expert,, millers river fishing map, millers river fishing map, small stream reflections, what is fly fishing?, fly fishing flies.

ken has been fly fishing for 45 years and guiding for 15 years. he guides on the millers, ware, swift, and the west, middle, and east branches of the westfield dad and dave get into some action fly fishing with midges ken elmer – fishing the millers, westfield, & swift rivers. sunday, march 4th @ 12:00 pm. this will be a great time to get intel on the swift, millers,, fishing flies, river fishing near me.

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