jigging for lake trout

lake trout can be jigged at just about any time of year, but later in the summer the conditions are ideal to find trout stacked up on deep water structure. the best approach for jig fishing lake trout on structure is to use digital mapping aids to get the boat over structure. similar to how an ice fisherman might tease a walleye or panfish into biting, lake trout can be fished the same way in deep water using active target sonar. because these fish are going to be near bottom in deep water, it’s necessary to have a selection of baits heavy enough for the job.

over the years we have used all sorts of live and cut bait for lake trout and the trout don’t seem to care what type of bait is used. the biggest mistake we see anglers making when it comes to jigging for lake trout is not using rods/reels that are adequate for the task. we use 10 pound test super braid terminated to a 20 pound test leader of fluorocarbon for most lake trout jigging situations. the months of august and september are prime time to target lake trout on deep water structure. time and time again i’ve had a big lake trout right to the boat only to have that fish scream line off the reel and head straight back to bottom!

this method is with light gear, light jigs, and a finesse feel, resulting in one of the wildest fishing experiences of anyone’s life. not only is this body of water known for its multi-species opportunity, but it’s also credited with holding the manitoba lake trout record: a whopping 64 lb giant. that’s why it’s no surprise that we set up in a depth that was in excess of 100 feet most of the time. the majority of our time on the lake was comprised of calm, warm, sunny, and steady conditions. in fact, the jig we used was only 3/4 oz in weight and equipped with a size 5 hook.

most of the time was spent sitting and waiting until we saw the slightest drop on the end of the rod. each and every hit was a fight a to the top, and sometimes there would be so much action that we would each have fish on at the same time. with sturgeon, we would leave a pile of worms at the bottom of the water, waiting for a quick bend in the rod, then proceed to have a long and grueling fight to the top. the accommodations were modern and clean, the personnel was superb and there was plenty of things to do for everyone – even if someone in your party doesn’t want to embark on 14 hours of straight fishing. that way you have the lay of the lake, an understanding of the necessary gear, and a few solid spots to run your own adventure.

the only practical line option for lake trout jigging is a super braid that features nearly zero stretch. we use 10 pound test super braid terminated to a 20 there were two main points to note (according to john):. make sure that the bait is narrow and the corners are cut to assure it descends through the water the process is simple. you spool a 6′ or 6′ 6” professional walleye medium action rod, and tighten down the drag on your spinning reel (you can use casting rods, .

lures and tools for jigging lake trout my favorite lure for vertical jigging is my signature series nervous minnow from daddy mac lures. the when jigging for lake trout, you should use a 6 or 7′ medium-heavy rod with a strong backbone and fast action. a 7 to 9′ medium trolling rod 5” tube jig | lake trout the 5” bam baits howitzer tube is designed with durability in mind. it can be used for a wide variety of species such as small mouth, .

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