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combine a leadhead jig and a plastic worm and you have two of the best bass lures all in one bait. charlie brewer made a significant impact on jigworm fishing in 1970 when he developed his original regular slider head jig and adorned it with a 4-inch plastic worm. during the mid-1970s, danny westfall of arizona created the westy worm which featured either a 4-inch or 6-inch worm attached to a jig with a stinger hook. the shaky head worm concept arrived in the east during the 1980s when fred “taco” bland of alabama converted a 1/8-ounce ballhead crappie-style jighead into a bass jig by replacing the crappie jig’s no 2 hook with a 2/0 hook. the shaky head worm will catch bass year round but i prefer to fish the jig and worm combo during the warmer months (april through october).

the spawn and postspawn are my favorite times to tempt bass with a shaky head worm. i pitch the shaky head on a 7-foot medium-heavy casting rod and a high speed baitcast reel (7.1:1 or higher gear ratio) filled with 12-pound fluorocarbon line. i catch these fish by pitching to the front corners of the dock or in the boat wells and shaking the worm as it falls. i hop the jigworm along the bottom until i feel it hit an obstacle such as a boulder or brush and then i shake the lure on a slack line for a while to trigger a bite from any bass holding close to the cover. whether you call it a jigworm or shaky head worm, the combo of a jig and worm should be one of your go-to lures for catching bass throughout the year.

that makes it an excellent lure to use for introducing someone to the sport of bass fishing. it has a bullet-shaped head, a wide gap hook, and an offset shank designed to hold the plastic lure in place. i usually use fluorocarbon line and tie the jig worm on with a trilene knot. fish it with the hook exposed and just jerk it free from any weeds that it catches. you can use any type of soft plastic bait with the jig. in my videos, you will see me use worms and brush hogs.

the high-speed reel allows you to reel in lots of slack line in just a turn or two of the handle. you can use this setup anytime, but it really shines in the summer when the skies are bright and the wind is light. these are tough fishing conditions because bass just don’t like to bite under these conditions, but the jig-worm can turn a tough day into a good day. be sure to hold a slight bit of tension in the line while waiting for the lure to touch bottom, you will see the line slipping into the water as the lure falls to the bottom. always watch where the line enters the water as the lure falls. that is where the line will jump or twitch if you get a strike on the fall, and lots of your strikes will come on the fall. this is the time when you can be creative and impart any type of action or movement of the lure that you find works well for you, so try lots of stuff.

the definition of a “jig worm” for fishing seems simple throwing a finesse worm attached to a jighead is the easiest technique for guido hibdon’s guide clients to learn how to catch bass. combine a leadhead jig and a plastic worm and you have two of the best bass lures all in one bait. the original combination was called a jigworm and now has, jig head with live worm, jig head with live worm, shaky head jig, carolina rig, ned rig.

hookworm infection is mainly acquired by walking barefoot on contaminated soil. one kind of hookworm can also be transmitted through the ingestion of larvae. most people infected with hookworms have no symptoms. some have gastrointestinal symptoms, especially persons who are infected for the first time. also called shakey head worms and jig worms, these are great bass bait. what is a jig head worm? it is a way of rigging a worm on a jig head the jig-worm is likely to catch large numbers of fish, but i have caught plenty of monster size fish with it as well. that makes it an excellent lure to use the jig worm consists of a jig, weight is determined by the depth that is being fished and a plastic bait, we have been using the northland impulse, tackle warehouse, jig bait, best spring bass lures.

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