jig hooks

jigs have been an important part of conventional fishing for many years and their effectiveness is well known in both fresh and saltwater situations. next up were balanced leech patterns where 90 degree jig hooks are teamed with a sewing pin and a tungsten bead to change the balance at the tie in point of the fly. i was introduced to barbless 60 degree jig hooks at the 2006 world fly fishing championships in portugal. you could only find these hooks from small european companies, umpqua was the first us company to introduce a fly fishing specific jig hook to the us market. while this is certainly an option, i think the advantages of the jig hook make it the superior option. this also aids in keeping the hook point safe from damage since it’s less likely to contact rocks and such. a barbed hook makes a larger hole in the fish and requires more power to penetrate past the barb.

barbless jig hooks often feature a long point (spear) for better penetration and fish holding power. jig hooks tend to hook trout in the top or corner of the mouth and as such you land more fish with jigged nymphs. an often-overlooked feature of jig hooks is their potential to fit a range of bead sizes on each hook size. because of the recessed way slotted beads sit on a jig hook there is more room to accommodate a broader range of bead sizes. this variety of bead sizes allows me to have the same size 14 fly in several weights. barbless hooks are much better for the fish since they are less damaging and easier to remove. again, because of the jig hooks tendency to grab fish by the upper lip, barbless jig hooks are usually easier to quickly pop out of a fish, reducing handling time, which amounts to safer, less stressful releases. i’m confident you’ll quickly recognize the advantages and will look for opportunities to fill you boxes with these fish catching hook designs.

our assortment of jig hooks includes hooks from mustad, eagle, vmc, gamakatsu, owner, and more. looking for a jig hook to fit a particular do-it mold? give us a 1-48 of over 5,000 results for “jig hook”. results 100 pieces jig heads fishing hooks head jig hooks with barb unpainted hooks with plastic fishing box jig hooks $38.99 +. 90º skipjack bend jig hook – 1x strong. options available. quickshop $25.99 +. aberdeen 90º jig hook $9.99 +. aberdeen 90º jig hook., .

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