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it is a great area to take the kids as you have more control on where they go and you can keep a better eye out as you normally fish in a smaller area which makes for a great family day out. one of the key reasons i use this rod is that i use it for most other things and it is one of my go to rods also i fish with very light lead if any and this rod helps me to flick the bait where i want it under the jetty. in the end a small piece of vb cord can be the difference between a great trip out on the jetty with the kids and a day you won’t forget as you now need to replace that favourite old rod & reel! if you have a tackle box that you use, apply the same principle, refine what you need to carry and at the end of the trip your arms will thank you for it. i like to catch as much of my own bait as i can, i will check out the area before i fish to see what is available whether it be mullet, gar, hardy heads, herring or yellow tail pike.

yabbies are best used as fresh as you can but if you need to keep them overnight or for a couple of days, drain the water off and put them in a container with some clean wood shavings (you can get a small bag from most pet shops). i will use a small burley bucket on a rope and tie it off so about ¾ of the bucket is submerged allowing the waves to take out bit at a time. when you see it coming out of the water, get it close to the railing and get someone to cut off with a knife or pair of scissors, try not to do it yourself as this is when accidents happen. i have had a sting from one of these and let me tell you the happiest moment was hours later when my hand did not feel like it was 15 times the normal size. one thing you do need to watch out for is their teeth, like i said they have a cracking set of chompers and they will take out a chunk of flesh if you get too close to the pointy end. once you get one up to the jetty, sacrifice the hook and don’t tempt fate, it is not worth it….. when you venture out onto the jetty fishing you have a responsibility to yourself and others who use it as well, a lot of people just don’t care about the structure they are using or the people that will use it after them.

sign up for free to receive the latest saltwater fishing videos, tutorials, product reviews, and fishing product discounts! want access to our best fishing spots and tips, plus discounts to our online tackle store? tried using frozen finger mullet but they get mushy when thawed and i don’t seem to be able to keep them on the hook. i’m thinking frozen is not the way to go. really appreciate your videos, wyatt.

the only problem is that they’re a little bit bloody and you’ll likely attract a lot of sharks, but bull redfish will definitely pick them up too! when do you think is the appropriate time for one? great video i’ll be trying this rig soon i like spider weights over open sand, but because there’s so many rocks where i’m fishing, i prefer not to use them… but they’re unbeatable in heavy surf with just sand! i travel around the country for work and see a lot of jetties and anglers fishing the jetties. so if i’m new to a coastal city how do i go about finding these jetties? buzz most inlets have jetties (but not all) so if you zoom in on google maps to check for the rocks, you can find jetties pretty easily just by looking there!

one of my favourite rigs for jetty fishing is a simple one, i attach the leader to the main line either directly or by using a swivel. it’s jetty fishing time! you can catch a ton of quality redfish at the jetties. and some really nice bulls too! “the outgoing is my best tide for jetty fishing,” says kostyo. “cast toward the jetties while drifting parallel. raise the rod tip slowly and, jetty fishing rod, jetty fishing rod, jetty fishing rod and reel setup, jetty fishing lures, jetty fishing oregon.

fish in a reel, lift, lower, reel, and twitch method. just repeat this over and over. using bait, fish it the same way as the lure, sink it to how to make a bottom fishing rig setup for jetty fishing tie a loop at the end of the line. tie another loop in the main line about 1.5 feet above the weight. fishing from jettys can produce some great species. the best thing about jetty fishing is that you don’t have to take a truck load of gear. all, jetty fishing videos, rock fishing rigs, pier fishing rigs beginners, pier fishing rigs.

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