ice fishing for pike

we could see the snout of a pike sticking into our field of view like a spade shovel. the fish run and roll below the hole in a confrontation that can only be described as violent. big pike are special, and more ice anglers seem to be discovering how special these fish are and angling specifically for these big fish. of course, there are many opportunities north of the border in manitoba and saskatchewan in particular with a few drive to locations like wekusko falls near snow lake, manitoba that are red hot for anglers willing to make the trek. i find that the heavier line is much easier to handle when fighting a big fish and the heavier line rolls off the spool easier when a fish runs.

one aspect of pike fishing that is often overlooked is where to fish in the water column. i would say that a general rule of thumb is two to three feet off the bottom but there are days when a little detail like fishing right below the ice can make a big difference in success. there are times when you have to run up to get to a tip up when the fish is really burning off line but what is surprising is just how often the spindle on the tip up is slowly turning and then takes off as you walk up. in my opinion, a three to six-pound pike is perfect fish for eating and you can remove a lot of smaller pike from most fisheries with no harm to the resource. pros4-1source is a select group of outdoorsfirst media’s staff of writers and videographers skilled in hunting and fishing based in rhinelander, wisconsin.

it was early march when pike patrol the shallows in pre-spawn mode. it was a 10-pounder and the angler’s first-ever hardwater fish. after the success of that morning, i contemplated the myriad of bait choices hardwater pike anglers face. you’ll want them swimming hard all day—the harder they swim, the more likely a pike will home in with their sensitive lateral lines. i remember pulling a tip-up at the end of a long january day.

the sucker survived that day and several more back in my aerated bait tank. doing so risks burying the barb not in the mouth of a pike but rather in the sucker itself. some anglers fish live smelts (in the same fashion as shiners or suckers) with success, while others prefer dead smelts suspended in the feeding zone or laying on the bottom. when choosing ice fishing rigs for walleye, thinking quality over quantity will allow you to get by with three main lure types in a majority of the situations you encounter. eyes to the sky it… i came to pike fishing by way of salmon, which is to say i was utterly unprepared. landlocked salmon—the preferred quarry at the outset of my ice fishing journey 20 years ago—require delicate leaders, small hooks and pin smelts pierced gently beneath their dorsal.

pike follow the bait schools during the winter into shallower waters. large bays are some of the best spots to target winter northern pike. northern pike can be taken by anglers ice fishing with both artificial lures and live and frozen bait. since pike generally prefer a larger meal, bigger baits late season, think shallow and deep—in lakes where the pike season runs until ice-out, look for bigger pike to gradually abandon deep water and, .

the northern pike, esox lucius, is a common predator in freshwater lakes and rivers where ice fishing is popular. pike are a popular ice fishing target for anglers of all skills due to their aggressive feeding habits, large sizes, and abundance. northern pike have a rap sheet with ice anglers. these top end carnivores have always held a special place in ice fishing lore simply for, .

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