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below, you’ll find reviews of some of our favorites, as well as a buying guide to help you make the best choice for your needs. and given that it’s built to last, it’s definitely a product i’d consider for ice fishing. the base is a 10-gallon cooler with a removable tray to separate your lunch or beverages from fish, and it works just as it should. that’s a nice touch, and it’s something you’ll quickly come to appreciate on the ice.

that reduces its capacity to 6 quarts, and of course, you can remove it if you prefer more storage and don’t need the protection from the cold. as a backpack, it gets the job done, and when you consider that it doesn’t weigh very much at all, it’s a great option for anglers who walk to the ice or who don’t have a sled. unless you’re fishing in a more or less permanent ice shanty, you’ll be taking your chair to your ice holes and then back again at the end of the day. whether that’s a good trade-off for you depends on how you get to and from your holes and whether you have a shanty up most of the winter.

2. mobility| a lightweight chair that you have a strap for easy travel is must have feature. built by wise, they call it the super sport 5613 and it provides all the things you need (without the bulk) for that ice fishing excursion. it sports a 360-degree nylon swivel and the seat pad that can support up to 300 pounds. the design is a 2-in-1, part chair and part storage spot. all that being said, this chair is still ultra portable and quick to set up. as mobile as it appears, the chair still is durable. this chair is compact but uses all of its space for light hiking travels.

on the side of the cooler is a zipper storage pouch and water bottle holder. to keep your chair protected while it’s not in use, there is a carry bag included. there is a big difference between summer and winter fishing. that combined with a cold slippery ground (ice) is the recipe for an abrupt lapse in the legs of the chair. chances are a few zip-up pockets are below or on the sides of your seat. if the chair is too high, you easily notice this by your lack of balance. that being said, a tent is a must have to weather against the harsh waterfront. accessed 10 feb. 2021. hello, my name is claude and i enjoy sitting comfortable.

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with an ocean of seats to choose from, we gathered the best chairs for ice fishing that make this near freezing sitting activity more cozy and enjoyable. helping you enjoy ice fishing since 1960. support find product manual > replacement parts > register product > frequently asked questions >., .

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