ice fishing 101

there are a lot of tips to keep in mind if you want to be successful ice fishing. you could use a tip-up alone without a rod if you wanted, but the optimal combination is to use them together. you are going to need to cut a hole in the ice. the disadvantage of shelters is you have to face the cold if you want to cover more ground, but that’s not so bad. if ice breaks and you fall in the water, you need to get dry once you return to land. you already know the answer is winter, but to be a bit more specific, the best times are in january and february. january and february are the coldest months of the year, so if the ice is going to freeze, it will during those months if it didn’t already in december. if you want to know what species you will find in a particular lake, the internet offers great databases to help with that. some fish are bottom-feeders, so you know to put your line at the bottom of the lake.

if you can spot those on a map, you’ll be able to head there and increase your chances of success. generally, there is a choke you must put in place and a cord you pull to start the engine. there are alternate strategies to cut a hole in the ice if you can’t buy one. it’s ideal to drop your line right where the fish are, but you won’t always manage to do this. jigging, the technique of maneuvering a little object with your rod called a jig to paint the illusion of a living creature that fish will want to bite, is a highly effective strategy in most cases. when choosing bait, make sure it fits with the size of fish you are targeting. additionally, i recommend using a leader, which is just an extra bit of line you attach to your main line. or maybe the fish aren’t even coming close to your line and you need to move to a different spot. we are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

however, if you are located in the part of the country that acquires enough ice to walk on i am sure you have contemplated giving ice fishing a try. follow the guidelines below to make your next ice fishing trip a success. you can’t ice fish if you fall through and get hypothermia. play it safe and give the ice plenty of time to form and strengthen. be sure to bring ice picks with you and if you are with another fisherman it is probably a good idea to bring a bundle of rope along, just in case. perhaps the most important of this gear is your outerwear. do your due diligence and you won’t have trouble finding a quality brand. you can also invest in a portable/permanent ice house, but this will cost you some hefty coin, especially for a beginner.

lastly, it is always a great idea to know the regulations on the body of water you are fishing. play by the rules and you will be just fine. you can’t ice fish without first drilling a hole into the lake. the auger is the device used to drill a hole into the ice. in the unfortunate circumstance that breaks through the ice and fall in the water 5-gallon buckets are the workhorse of ice fishing. ice fishing requires a ton of gear. work smarter not harder.while you can use the classic kid’s sled designed for riding down hills, you’ll be better off with a sled designed specifically for ice fishing. ice fishing shelters are commonly called shacks or shanties. permanent shacks often sit on the same lake for the entire ice fishing season.

there are so many fun activities to do, and one of the most exciting is ice fishing. there are a lot of tips to keep in mind if you want to be successful learning how to ice fish helps northern anglers fend off cabin fever. learn how to fish safely and effectively with out getting cold while chasing fish! learn ice fishing tips and techniques to catch northern pike, trout, largemouth, smallmouth, panfish, and more., ice fishing rod, ice fishing rod, ice fishing shanty, ice fishing for trout, ice fishing fish.

you can honestly start ice fishing with a diminutive $30 ice-fishing rod, a 5-gallon bucket and very basic terminal tackle — think a pack of rig your lines using your live baits or lures and allow your baits or lures to fall to the bottom. once your line hits the bottom, reel your baits or lures up a the most common danger of ice fishing is falling below the ice. avoid cracks and listen for loud booms that indicate that the ice could break. go ice fishing, ice fishing safety, ice fishing videos, ice fishing hole, ice fishing alaska.

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