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although the ‘hopper’ (grasshopper) pattern is rightly considered a classic late summer dry fly by many anglers, it is often forgotten that other land-based or ‘terrestrial’ insects like crickets, cicadas, beetles, ants, spiders, bees and caterpillars make up a significant – even dominant – part of the diet of many river trout whilst aquatic insects are still in season, let alone at other times of the year. second, even if you are fishing a body of water with significant seasonal hatches, land-based insects such as grasshoppers, crickets and beetles can still form the bulk of trout diet from may through to november, because they present the opportunity of a bigger meal instead of a mere bite to eat.

there are many reasons that land-dwelling insects end up in creeks, streams, rivers and lakes. while beetles or flying ants can end up mid-stream, grasshoppers, crickets and cicadas are more likely to end up in the water close to the bank. and don’t expect to see signs of trout feeding: remember, grasshoppers, beetles and the like present a more random (albeit fairly common) opportunity for a meal.

it’s hopper season, and there are few things in angling that rival the excitement of watching a trout attack a #10 dry fly! here’s a crash course on how, when, and where to fish these terrestrials from summer far into fall to wrangle up trout from waters all over the country. for a perfect example of how to fish a hopper, try to track a live one down and toss it in the water. this should be the model for which to strive in our hopper fishing as we cast out and bring the fly back to us with short, constant stripping motions. an added layer of imitation can involve fluttering the rod tip left and right rapidly to give the fly a skittering motion across the top of the water. summer, complete with wet wading and warm breezes, is the best time to start focusing on terrestrials. these bugs will exist in grassy fields and stream banks until the first freeze, which typically doesn’t happen until late october or november in the east. even once this happens, trout still remember what they are and more importantly they instinctively understand the boost of protein that is to be had by inhaling these buzzing bugs!

our quarterly fly club ships $80+ of flies, gear, and swag to fly anglers all across the united states. receive boxes full of custom curated fly assortments and gear selected for the season. much like trout, mayflies, tricos, crayfish, and anything else in the riparian ecosystem, grasshoppers look for and prefer certain areas. these are the locations where most grasshoppers will call home and by extension, are where trout will also feed. the intersection of trout/hopper habitat is the place to start, so wherever streamside vegetation is thickest is the best place to start our fishing. hopper fishing can bring big trout to the surface, and it happens to coincide with warm weather and wet wading bliss. the elation of watching a good fish hit the net is difficult to explain to non-fishing folks. after work, i can’t wait to rush out to the stream… read more since 2015, the fly crate has taught 1000’s of anglers world class fly fishing techniques and provided customers with the best fly fishing flies, tackle, and gear.

dave’s hopper fly is a great, classic dry fly that imitates a grasshopper and gets big strikes from trout. fish this dry fly along the banks during the terrestrials tumble into rivers and waterways throughout most of the prime angling season. while hoppers are associated with late summer and fall, four dry fly foam hopper patterns for trout, bass, salmon or panfish fishing. perfect for bank-popping in the heat of summer. use in stream, river or lake, .

although the ‘hopper’ (grasshopper) pattern is rightly considered a classic late summer dry fly by many anglers, it is often forgotten that other land-based fishing a hopper differs greatly from more traditional dry flies. the gentle cast, landing, and drift can be shelved for more rugged splashes hopper fishing is definitely dave whitlock”s favorite form of fly fishing as he refers to it as “hoppertunities”. daves hopper box is something, .

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