Hardware Test Plan Template

Hardware test plan template is a sample test plan document that shows the process, procedure and tools of hardware testing. A well designed sample hardware test plan can help engineer and management team to evaluate and monitor the performance and effectiveness of hardware.


Hardware Test Plan Overview

Hardware testing need to understand the test requirements. There are usually two types of test requirements: the test requirements from customers or from manufactures. For any hardware specially requested by a specific customer, the stringent specification requirements depending on application targeted by the customer, decides the tests that need to be performed to meet these necessities. For other types of products, where the manufacturer targets a new segment of the market with a solution to the needs of the consumers, the manufacturers themselves usually set the test requirements. Once the test requirements are identified, the test engineers work with the designers to generate the test plan for the device or hardware.

Hardware test need to consider the test strategy and approach. There are several approaches to reduce the time and cost of testing process. The first is test compaction, In this approach, the tests are usually combined together to perform multiple tests with a single data capture operation. This method is applied to cases where the specifications of the devices need not be measured very accurately. The second approach is test parallelization, test parallelization uses multiple measurements to test individual specifications and is thus more accurate.

Hardware Test Plan Template

There are free test plan template you can download for reference, however, you can employ common software such as Word or Excel to design your own sample hardware test plan template based on your own needs and requirements. During the development process, it is crucial to consider the hardware test plan format, hardware test plan layout and hardware test plan outline.

The first key part in hardware test plan template is the hardware test plan introduction. In the section, you need to list the basic information about the hardware test plan. For example, the hardware test plan purpose:__; The hardware test plan scope:__; The Hardware test plan duration:__. The second key part in hardware test plan format is the test plan and strategies. In the section, you need to list the details of testing plan process and procedures. For example, the Hardware requirements:__; The software requirements:__; Other resources:__ etc.

The last key part in hardware test plan example is the test plan schedules and responsibilities. In the section, you need to show details of process, tasks, roles and responsibilities. For example, the Hardware test tasks:__; The hardware test schedules:__; Roles of members:__.