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earning a reputation for catching quantity, as well as, quality, the mann’s classic spinnerbait comes in a number of proven blade combinations and is built around an ultra-thin wire form that amplifies vibration.one of the most recognizable spinnerbaits on the market, the mann’s classic spinnerbait is covered with a chip-resistant finish and premium skirting that sets the bar in terms of attraction. from end-to-end, the mann’s classic spinnerbait is outfitted with premium components, like high-end ball bearing swivels, top-notch clevises, and a sticky sharp eagle claw hook. comments: i have been casting these classid spinnerbaits for years. they have a unique flexing action and great vibration due to the light wire. the big 3/4oz has won me a lot of money and continues to out perform any other spinnerbait. virtually indestructible and absolutely deadly on any lake in any part of the country. this thin wire sends out a lot of vibrations in the water. i use gold blades most of the time as the water where i fish is stained. comments: ive used alot of spinnerbaits over the years and had only limited success.

i fish the chickahominy and james rivers which are most always pretty stained and the fish love this bait, ive tried every color and blade style and they all work great. the wire is very flexible and gives the bait a great thump coming through the water. 10/10 would recommend comments: i had this one in my box of spinnerbaits for a while now and took it out the other day under very tough conditions, with 20-30 mph winds on a small lake and very muddy water. i had a keitech fat on for a trailer in chartruese & it has a great profile in that nasty water. comments: manns classic spinnerbaits have been around for quite some time & have quite the following!i’ve fished these lures for years. the wire is thin so you get a good thump on your retrieve. i suggest you retie often because the wire twist is prone to wear down the line but it is worth the effort to catch’em comments: don’t roll your eyes when i say this is one of the best stained/muddy water blades out there. the wire is very thin, but strong. * price comparisons are based on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (“msrp”) or original selling price.

bassmaster’s classic winner, hank parker, and mann’s teamed up again to produce another stellar spinnerbait, the mann’s hank parker classic colo/willow spinnerbait. finished with a chip-resistant finish and premium skirting that sets the bar in terms of attraction, the mann’s hank parker classic colo/willow spinnerbait comes complete with a twin-tail trailer so you can start chasing tournament checks right out of the package. comments: i’ve been throwing the hankparker classic for 25+ years, and it’s by far the best spinner bait ever made, the vibration is the key, and i firmly believe it’s because of the thin wire they use. comments: the classic bait just works. the blades are perfect for mid to various speeds not pure rippin. i went with tackle warehouse because they had the best prices.

comments: i went fishing with a friend of mine and he borrowed the only classic colo/willow i had. comments: i’ll start by saying that i watched hank parker win the classic with this bait back in 1989 and then couldn’t wait to get my hands on one. these were my go to spinner bait for quite a few years but then they just vanished from the shelves, i tried many others afterwards but none ever produced as well. my favorite is the white and char. the whi/chart is in my opinion the best color for a spinnerbait because it has that natural habitat look. the 3/8 is the size i almost always go with for steady retrieve.

one of the most recognizable spinnerbaits on the market, the mann’s classic spinnerbait is covered with a chip-resistant finish and premium skirting that sets a proven winner at the highest levels of competitive angling, the mann’s hank parker classic colo/willow spinnerbait delivers the perfect combination of flash both of those features are on the hank parker classic spinnerbait that i designed for mann’s bait company several years ago. the advantage to the tandem blades, .

but there’s a bigger reason why spinnerbait fishing isn’t as easy as it once was – fishing pressure. the bass in our lakes are more educated because they see a the hank parker classic comes in a variety of weights, but the ¼-ounce is my favorite. the heavier bait can be fished quickly near the surface, slow rolled on the following are 10 tips courtesy of the spinnerbait pro, hank parker ( hankparker.com). 1. rig a baitcasting outfit with 17-pound-test line, tie on a 3/4-, .

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