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stephanie ernst scott would be the first to admit that she has never fished a day in her life — a unique position to be in as the owner of a 62-year-old tackle shop. and while ernst scott may not have an affinity for the sport itself, she stays because of the fulfillment that she said she gets from the job. she had stopped by gus’ to drop off a gift certificate from her salon for ernst scott’s daughter (both her and her daughter get their hair cut by leong) and they were in the process of showing each other family photos.

leong said that ernst scott was one of the main reasons she has kept coming back after all these years.â  â€œfor her personality too,” said fong, a non-fisherman who said she likes to accompany leong when she visits the shop. reflecting back to the beginning of lockdown, ernst scott said she does not know what she would have done if she had to close down. she’s really passionate about wide angle verticals, reading joan didion… in spring 2016, sf state administration proposed budget cuts to the college of ethnic studies, resulting in a student-led hunger strike.

out of work and money, stephanie begged her father for a job. thirty-five years later, stephanie is behind the counter six days a week while bill, retired from see’s candy, “cooks the books.” stephanie’s father and the store’s namesake, gus ernst, started gus’ 60 years ago, buying out goods from foreclosed businesses and selling a huge variety of wares—but no tackle. although she doesn’t fish herself, stephanie was fascinated by the lack of women she saw interested in fishing, and out of that curiosity turned gus’ into a wholesale tackle shop. it’s the second business to inhabit the space at 3710 balboa st., and one of five original buildings on the block. now the building is flush with rods, shelves of tackle boxes, waders, large rigs of nets and a colorful array of lures. the neighborhood is rapidly changing, and the scotts both note that with “the flower pots came the fancy bakeries and restaurants” that have edged out most of the older card shops, liquor stores and small businesses like gus’.

stephanie once learned that a woman shopping for a large tackle box was studying to become a mortician and needed a mobile way to store tools and makeup for corpses. today, stephanie can often be found with her granddaughter, ellery, strapped to her chest, and boasts that the seven-month-old is the next woman in line to take over the shop. both bill and stephanie attribute their long-time stability to owning the building that houses their business and customer loyalty. for now, stephanie is quick to share that her job is a lot of fun. the rotisserie chicken, shawarma, and kebob hotspot goood frikin’ chicken has shut down, after an 18-year run at mission and 29th streets. counterculture artist stanley mouse designed many of the best-known album covers for journey, the grateful dead, and jefferson airplane, and has a new artist-in-residency exhibit at the haight’s doolan-larson building.

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gus’ tackle & nets is slidell oldest supplier of fishing tackle and nets. gus’ has everything from freshwater to offshore fishing tackle. stop by gus’ and map 3710 balboa st. san francisco, ca 94121. outer richmond. directions (415) 752-6197. call now more info. offerings for gus’ discount fishing tackle, hours. after 45 years at gus’ discount tackle, a fishing supply store in the outer richmond, ernst scott said that her one, tackle store, hi’s tackle box.

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