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but gronkowski says since retiring in march, he feels better than ever. gronkowski says he lost about 10 to 15 pounds by changing his diet “tremendously,” doing stability workouts that he learned from his former patriots teammate tom brady, and by calming his mind doing sudoku puzzles. since hanging up his patriots jersey, gronkowski, 30 has also been experimenting with intermittent fasting, which typically entails eating during a set window of six to eight hours and fasting for the remaining 16 to 18 hours. intermittent fasting has become trendy among silicon valley tycoons like twitter’s jack dorsey and celebrities like jennifer aniston, but gronkowski says he was turned on to the idea by a couple of friends and one of his brothers who tried it. gronkowski says he felt great afterward, less bloated. in addition to intermittent fasting, gronkowski says post nfl he’s gone from eating whatever he wanted (think lots of burgers and fries) to organic fruits and vegetables.

now gronkowski says he sticks with plant-based protein shakes with almond butter, chia seeds and fruit for recovery after workouts and has chicken with veggies like green beans, broccoli or asparagus with quinoa or sweet potatoes for lunch and dinner. but i’m 250 now and i played at about 260,” says gronkowski, who is 6-foot-6. in january, gronkowski partnered with fitplan to become a personal trainer on the app so users can get his exact routine. “i wanted to give people what i’ve learned throughout the years, and i truly believe that the best workouts start with stability,” which focuses on the core. in addition to puzzles, eating healthy and working out, gronkowski says he tries to meditate whenever he can. so what does he think brady’s next move will be now that he’s a free agent?

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