green purchasing training

this green procurement program demonstrates how sustainability impacts our professions and how purchasing can take an active role in it. as more and more executive decisions include sustainability, buyers and purchasing managers need to learn about green procurement training and how they can be part of the process before the policies and procedures are set in place. students will be taught what purchasing’s role is in sustainability, how to develop a green purchasing plan, how it can be included in facilities practices, how to utilize the 3rs, energy savings ideas, and more. similar to many of our other self-running online courses each part will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to complete. he is also the author of “you’re the buyer, you negotiate it” and the society’s two part self-running course “the science and art of negotiation”. what students say about the sustainability and green online procurement training course:   “the information on cost savings, sustainability, disposal and how to write a green purchasing plan were very informative.

– monta caraker, cpp – purchasing assistant – metropolitan nashville airport authority   the self-running online sustainability courses are attended via the internet. students are initially contacted by email with instructions on how to take the course for which they have registered. all materials are included in the price of the course and will be available online while attending classes. instructions for these online sustainability courses are usually sent within a few days of registration. normally, the society likes to see these types of courses completed within a month of having sent out the instructions. it is each student’s responsibility to contact the society if instructions are not received within the time frames listed above.

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join american purchasing society for online courses on green purchasing, procurement training, and sustainability. the office of sustainability arranged and hosted two green purchasing trainings during 2012-13. the two-day it is a highly comprehensive learning programme covering all of the key areas of green, ethical and sustainable, free contracting courses, fac 021 price analysis, free far training online, nih cor training

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