goby lure

thanks for making a bait that works. twenty (20) smallies, 4-pound average before the bait was done.cory holt, avid angler your 2.6″ round goby made success for me today! i put the goby down my hole and bamb! using the 2.6” round goby with a 1/8th oz jig head has been working really well for me getting my limits.

i highly recommend grumpy bait company baits they’re now my go-to-baits on the hardwater!chris dumais, avid lake simcoe angler pb smallie, 17.5 inches but spilling over the bumpy board and definitely 5+ lbs.fall fishing from the kayak has been good for me. and it feels like a broken record but caught this striped toad last weekend dropshotting a [grumpy bait company] 2.6″ round goby again!steven de boyrie, avid angler grumpy bait is my first choice bait when it comes to fishing for whitefish.100% recommended!michael george butac, avid angler i finally got out on erie today and put the round goby to the test and it did not disappoint. it was a great day.mike small, avid angler the 2.6″ round goby and 2.25″ mini goby (lake simcoe color) did very well for me yesterday on lake simcoe. i would highly recommend these bait when fishing for yellow perch anytime!william huang, avid angler  note: fish identification and related information provided in the links above will redirect you to fishbuoy pro website. this app is loaded with advanced features that will help you develop trends, create private fishing buddy groups, and record your history of fishing.

poor boy’s baits drop shot goby 4″ 8pk. $5.99. 22 colors available venom lures hand poured goby worm 6pk. $5.99. 3 colors available. we were first to make a goby imitation lure that looks and works like a real one, and it got huge success on the great lakes. goby is invasive species, so you pre-rigged and sporting lifelike color patterns with storm’s internal holographic flash foil finish, the durable, soft plastic wildeye live goby is weighted so, goby swimbait, goby swimbait, rabid baits goby, tackle warehouse, fishing baits.

grumpy round goby is an incredibly realistic imitation of a round goby now found across the great lakes region. while round goby are an invasive species and the realistic color patterns and shape of the bait is backed up; holographic swimmin’ flash foil and a tough yet soft outer body. this swimbait has a goby livetarget lures. shop. discover. 0. freshwater by species goby. share. share: share: like email 606 natural / gold goby paddle tail., waterboy goby, bass baits for sale, creature baits, lady baits.

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