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cutthroat furled leaders are designed to give you a better success rate on the water. the furling process is unique and different than a braided. braided has a hallow core which can lead to water spray when lifting it from the surface. our nymphing, spey and switch rod leaders are designed to get you in the strike zone and keep you there.

here at cutthroat furled leaders, we want you to have a great fly fishing experience. whether dry fly fishing, nymphing, streamer, tenkara, spey or switch fishing, we want you to have a great experience on the water. if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one of similar value. you can return a product for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

a furled leader (also known as twined leader) is a type of knotless tapered fly fishing leader. the big difference is that furled leaders are created with a taper. the twisted style of construction and being made from many filaments leads to a flexible leader with low to no memory like a section of rope. this material is laid out on a jig in a series of interlocking loops, thereby creating the taper of the leader.

[3][4][5] depending on whether they are constructed separately or as a set of interconnected legs from a continuous thread, legs are then twisted while under tension independently, or simultaneously, in the same spinning direction. furled leaders can also be constructed using an approach resembling rope laying, in which the legs are twisted simultaneously, under tension, while separated by a ‘top’, attached to a runner that can rotate. in this approach, the twisted legs ‘below’ the top will start furling under tension, moving the top up to the furling end. [6][4] the ends of the leader are then finished to hold the leader’s furl – the butt end is most often finished with a so-called shorb loop. the leader is attached to the end of the fly line, usually with a loop-to-loop connection, and a simple or stepped-down tippet is attached to the thin end before use.

a furled leader is a type of knotless tapered fly fishing leader. it is known for high performance, low memory, and soft artificial fly presentation when casting. these attributes are due to the way these leaders are constructed which is similar to creating rope. made in the usa but born on the storied chalk streams of the british isles, furled leaders were first crafted of horse hair and later of silk. now they are hand cutthroat furled leaders are designed to give you a better success rate on the water. our unique furled design is built on the following principles. fly fishing leaders (furled leaders and tapered leaders). filter by. all, all-purpose leader all-purpose furled leader combo (featherweight & big hog)., furled leader vs mono, furled leader vs mono.

u201cbecause of their suppleness, furled leaders help to reduce surface drag. the furled leader also acts as a shock absorber protecting against over striking and preventing light tippets from breaking while playing a fish. the leader behaves much like a spring, storing and releasing energy as force is applied or relaxed.u201d a furled leader is a tapered leader made by furling (twisting) multiple lines together similar to rope making. the leader is a transition between your fly making your own furled leaders can be very fun, as well as nothing turns over a tippet and fly like our furled leaders. they land like a feather, and no rooster-tail when you lift it off the water., .

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