free typing lessons for beginners

with your index fingers you can feel a bump on the keys ‘f’ and ‘j’. if you don’t find the keys ‘f’ and ‘j’ again you will get lost and make a lot of mistakes. if you type the wrong letter it will be highlighted by changing the font color to red. if you half way through an lesson press ‘repeat’ the number of errors will be reset and you can start over. after these lessons you should be able to type at least 35 to 45 words per minute. after some months of experience and regular typing you can reach 90 words per minute or even higher. you can follow your own progress by pressing the button ‘statistics’ in the top right corner, you will be able to follow your progress online after each lesson.

you should do your touch typing lessons as often as you are capable of without hurting your fingers! it is a good idea to put your touch type training into a calendar to be sure to remember to do them. if you don’t have a calendar you can use the google calendar which is free and easy to use. training touch typing is probably the only activity your employer will allow you to do at work beside doing your job. it is more important to have a low error percentage than a higher speed. the low error percentage will be your best guarantee for success in the following lessons. if you learn to type flawless a high typing speed will automatically ensue.

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