foam fly patterns

fishing foam patterns during the middle of the summer is pretty standard because there are less natural aquatic insects hatching. while simply throwing out a foam pattern into the river will work, there are a few techniques and tips that we have learned along the way to increase your activity. the number one variable that we can control is size of the pattern. during the peak dry fly season of may and june  the first thing the we need to understand is the size of the mayflies we are matching. fishing foam patterns is no different, getting the correct size dialed in is the most important factor. but understanding what will trigger the best activity and get your fly the most amount of notice comes down to the size of the fly you are fishing. on bigger, faster western rivers it appears that fish might not have as much time to visually inspect your offering, or are just plain hungry. however, i have thrown the biggest size 4 hopper in my box to see if it would work locally. for me this is the only other variable i can control when fishing foam patterns. i believe that all foam patterns pretty much look the same.

however the silhouette of the pattern isn’t that much different. but after many years of fishing the foam day time game on the upper manistee i have learned how color changes from one day to another and from hour to hour. changing the color of your terrestrial pattern is key. when i’m talking black, i’m talking the foam that i tied the fly with. i can make slight changes to the black foam with different colored ice dubbing. last but not least in the list of important factors when fishing foam patterns is presentation. one of the best things about presenting foam is that you can move it, or better yet you need to move it. you need to do this as well, when fishing your foam based patterns. twitching your patterns switches on the instinct for the trout to bite. with limited food sources around, you need to draw attention to your foam patterns. first determine size, then color and finally move the bug!

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