foam ant fly pattern

cut the corners to make it easier to tie in. also cut a little bit diagonally from the top (clearer on the next picture) fold the strip over itself so that a little bit still points backwards and lay it down on the hook shank. the foam collapses and you might have to be a little bit violent to be able to cut it close to the thread. cut and cover the remaining waste with thread. the whip-finish will not be made by the hook eye this time, but still save a couple of millimetres to the hook eye. fold the foam a little over itself so a little bit still point toward the hook eye.

cut the waste and cover the remains with thread. already now, without hackle, it will have an exceptional boyancy and make a nice silhouette to the fish. tie it in immediately against the abdomen, so it will stand up with support from the foam. wrap the hackle 3-4 turns around the waist and, instead of doing it in touching turns like on a standard collar hackle, do it the kind of “criss-cross” way. tie it down behind the foam and cut the waste. you can of course cover the shank with dubbing while tying this fly, but it won’t make a difference to the silhouette.

cdc & foam ant we have spent several years surveying trout across the country and the consensus is that they all love flying ant patterns. cinnamon, black, hook: dry fly, #14-18. thread: gudebrod 8/0, black. body: 2mm fly-tying foam, black. indicator: poly yarn, orange. hackle: rooster, black a flying wood ant pattern that uses float foam as the main material. this pattern will float high and dry all day long and then someā€¦ float foam, black foam ant fly pattern, black foam ant fly pattern, tying foam ant pattern, flying ant fly pattern, foam beetle fly pattern.

but after trying a bunch of them, tim has settled on this foam beetles float like corks, and can be used to hold up a small dropper if needed. this is pretty much the all-purpose beetle. fly tying material list. hook: join the single best resource for news, features, flies, tips, foam ant bodies, carpenter ant fly pattern.

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