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in the old days, the only thread choice was silk, but today there is a variety of thread materials available in a dizzying array of sizes and configurations. it is very slick and a drop of super glue on the hook shank before tying is a good idea. when twisted, the thread has a little more bite and is less prone to fray. the disadvantages of waxed thread are that the wax can clog bobbins and add bulk to thread. most tiers prefer the finest diameter thread that is functional for their tying. danville is one of the oldest fly-tying thread companies the u.s. in reference to thread size and strengths, they are used as a standard. it is probably the most widely used thread in the world and it is the standard to which other fine threads are compared. it is a good thread for hair and large flies. gudebrod thread has more wax than most, and is probably the easiest to dub on.

a good thread for small to average trout flies and for larger flies where bulk is an issue. wapsi ultra thread is nylon, and has the appearance of floss. spools are marked with color and size and include a color coded end cap to hold the thread end. the company sells thread in a many different sizes and styles. this is a heavier version of the 8/0. a great thread to use with large quantities of hair and for marginal hair. twisted ply thread on the other hand, seems to be a heavier denier for a given strength. since thread selection is part education and personal preference, i thought i would leave you with the thread favorites of some of the people i feel are expert fly tiers. it is flat, waxed and strong. it is the right size and has the correct colors.

waxed thread is not a substitute for dubbing wax, and is applied to the thread in the manufacturing process merely to keep the thread from fraying and unwinding wildly when it breaks. wapsi fly company moved away from the confusing and archaic aught system when it introduced utc ultra thread, and used the thread industry denier standard of measurement. polyester is slightly heavier than nylon and has a higher denier for a length of the same diameter. both of these threads are flat and wrap on the hook like a ribbon. uni-thread 6/0 is similar to danville’s 3/0 and i use it in many of the same instances.

the round cross section coupled with less stretch and a more textured surface—of this polyester thread allows for a bit more “bite” and “grab” to the thread in tying applications. these threads also flatten or cord up nicely and in the case of the 16/0, create negligible bulk when tying. the slickness can be a liability in other applications however, particularly dubbing retention, and the dye used to color them is not as stable on gsp thread as it is on other materials, so i only use white. use mono threads when you want the thread to disappear under a coat of epoxy or head cement when you are tying surf candies or ep minnows. i use this chart for a reference to the denier sizes and diameters of all thread brands and find it invaluable.

tigofly 12 pcs 40 yards fly tying floss thread 150d silky yarns salmon trout fly fishing tying line materials riverruns 6 color/set non-tarnishing ultra our selection of fly tying thread includes danville, wapsi, uni, veevus, gordon griffith thread and pearsall gossamer and marabou silk thread. tying thread is sold in several different configurations. most tying thread has a floss-like construction of multiple parallel fibers, creating, .

this page has links to all of our fly tying tutorials, including full recipes, alternates, and videos. go to tutorials. shop most fly-tying threads are made of nylon or polyester. polyester is slightly heavier than nylon and has a higher denier for a length of the same the caddis fly shop offers an unsurpassed array of fly tying thread, tinsel, floss & wire you need to tie trout, steelhead, salmon, bass, and saltwater flies., .

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