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i went to the local pharmacy and bought a brand new pair of small nurse’s scissors. the tiemcos are still among my favorites, and i have bought a new pair to supplement the old, but i also have scissors from other manufacturers such as bennechi, as well as some odder ones like my squizzers and my wiss snips and some no-brand models. a bit of thread should fall to the ground and the cut should be clean. some of these scissors have a hinge in the fulcrum, while others are shaped like classic sheep shears and have a hinge or spring in the rear. some of the best and most expensive scissors are made from tungsten carbide, which is extremely hard and dense and usually signifies a very good quality tool that can be kept sharp and will stay sharp for a long time and not wear. the length of the blades differ and in fly tying a length between 2-3 centimeters or about an inch is long while short scissors are down to a centimeter or about a third of an inch. the fine fly-tying scissors are delicate tools, but if you are a little careful when handling and using them, they can last many years. roy b. jenkins can even produce a pair of bespoke razor scissors for you with your name on the blade, and has a number of new and very cool colored models. this requires a bit of force, but once you have the handles shaped, the scissors are very comfortable to use. the scissors i have tried are in the group of razor scissors mentioned in the sidebar. the funky tungsten carbide scissors are a no frills pair of scissors with the aided strength and durability of the tungsten. the rings are large and the scissors pleasant to hold. the shape and short size even gives a sense of power, which isn’t found in many other scissors this small. they are very pleasant to handle and the powder coating is slightly soft and very gentle on the fingers.

i was lucky enough to receive a set to test, and the straight model has been my preferred pair of scissors ever since. first of all the rings are now slightly larger, and fit my fingers perfectly. the scissors cut like a dream, and have been my stable tying scissors since i got them a couple of months ago. the snips are very comfortable, and very easy to hold while tying. squizzers tiemco has a number of scissors in their catalog, the most common being the serrated and the razor scissors with either tungsten carbide or steel blades. while these scissors are very efficient and easy to use, they require a bit of practice to control for the finest of cuts because they do snip rather than cut controlled like a normal pair of scissors. in my frustration over this i posted the following on facebook, and that actually gave me a few more leads and more products to cover – but no reaction from any of the companies that hadn’t responded. you can get branded batches as small as 50 or 100 items, and the prices are typically a tenth of what fly shops charge. these look and work very much like the other razor scissors covered here. that will get you a good pair of steel scissors – and in the case of funky flytying and the romanian deveaux scissors – also a pair in tungsten carbide, which i can warmly recommend. people have different hands, and the only way to decide what’s good for you is to try a number of different models. my two must have criteria for the tying scissors are sharpness of course and thin blades (often i need to cut materials right at the very tying point of the hook or tube). most of the scissors covered in the article are very widely available, and should be particularly easy to get a hold of in the us! the renomeds are unique and unlike other scissors on the market, and my preferred tool in my day-to-day tying.

fly tying scissor reviews 1. dr. slick tungsten carbide pair of scissors – best overall 2. westcott 2-inch embroidery scissors – best budget option 3. dr kershaw skeeter 3 precision fine tip scissors, professional grade for fly tying and trimming (1216), black, regular. dr. slick arrow razor scissor – 3.75″. $34.00 ; tiemco deer hair scissors – straight. $17.99 ; loon ergo prime scissors 6″ – black. $32.00 ; loon ergo prime, dr slick scissors, dr slick scissors, kopter scissors, loon scissors, fly tying tools.

scissors. scissors are among the most commonly used tools in fly tying. we offer fly tying scissors that are well-priced, comfortable and long-lasting fly tying scissors ; eco arrow scissors. great value. $8.99 ; loon ergo precision tip scissors. very fine tips. $19.99 ; loon ergo prime scissors- 5″. wildly if you tie small flies without much mass or material, use small finer blade scissors like arrow or microtip. conversely, if you tie larger flies, fly tying holder, kopter scissors review, dr slick fly tying tools, carbide scissors.

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