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barb density and stiffness, feather symatry, and stem shape, are just a few criteria that are used to judge whether or not his genes will find their way into future generations. when deciding whether to buy a dry fly cape or saddle there are a few things to first consider. the feathers are long and narrow and you can easily tie six or seven flies of the same size from just one feather. these are the feathers that would be on the throat of the rooster. they are called spade hackle and have the strongest fibers, feathers needed to protect the throat from the sharp spurs of other roosters. once you settle in on your favorite flies to fish, buy dry fly saddles or 100 packs in those sizes and colors. these are the finest dry fly capes on the market. the best part is that you can see every color that i carry. just click a tab below and see all the variety in that color range.

they are listed in order of what i sell the most. with these five colors you can probably tie 90% of the fly patterns that you’ll find in tying books or videos. i’m looking for flies to post here, so if you have any, please email me a picture and the recipie along with any notes on tying it and i’ll post it. these feathers are from the saddles of the dry fly line and are sized and ready to go! the feathers on these saddles are short, five to seven inches. with the fashion market in full swing, the longer feather are being sold into the salons. if you are a fly tyer, these are a great value! as soon as the supply of feathers from the farm catches up with the demand, we will be again offering the longer feathers for fly tying. however, the photos here are of full feathered saddles and are only for color reference. if you order feathers from me and not happy for some reason, please contact me right away and i will resolve the problem.

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