fly tying bobbin

the importance of a good bobbin varies from person to person and the needs are more critical for some vs others. the weight of this bobbin can be a little tip heavy as most of the weight is in the metal studded grip toward the front. the tension system is by retention of metal arms with plastic cone shaped spool holders that actually clip in and secure a spool quite nicely. you will not find that problem to be too relevant with the titanium bobbin, as it is tough and can most likely hold up to an accidental hit on the hook point. the feel of this bobbin is just so form fitting in your hand and it feels almost as you are not holding a tool sometimes.

with this bobbin coming in the middle of the road in overall length, weight, and width it definitely is not middle of the road. the barrel of this bobbin is a bit different from the standard, the ceramag is stainless at the back and ceramic half way through. the first thing you will notice on this bobbin is a super stylish design, but beside the incredible look and finish the actual adjustment system is second to none. no other bobbin comes close to this one with the smoothness and infinite adjust-ability. not to mention the build quality fit and finish and balance of this bobbin is top notch in the fly tying industry.

even if you don’t know what a bobbin is, you’ll still learn about some of the best tying bobbins on the market and which one is the best bobbin for fly tying. the right ceramic standard bobbin is a very strong and sturdy bobbin. this bobbin threader for fly tying is not the greatest for changing out the thread. it comes equipped with a quick-adjust disc drag that allows you to select the exact tension you want on the thread of your choice. its versatility, cost, tension, and comfort in the hand is why i listed it as the best bobbin for fly tying on this list.

this is one of the best adjustable bobbins that you can find. if you prefer throwing tiny nymphs and dry flies, then a smaller bobbin that is more delicate will be the one for you. the most common diameter you can find for a spool is 7.9mm. when you tie flies, you’ll notice that you’ll be putting pressure on the thread that’s coming out of the tube in the bobbin. in this post and video we show you how to tie the zebra midge fly and everything you need to tie it including tools & materials. with trident,  you get all of that, plus great customer support from real, professional anglers who can help you shop for the best gear.

1-48 of 352 results for “fly tying bobbin”. results for “fly tying bobbin”. results. price and other details may vary based on product size and color. a fly tying bobbin is a tool that holds your spool of thread in place and makes it easier for you to accurately place that thread onto your fly. the caddis fly shop is your go-to source for a diverse selection of fly tying bobbins, bobbin threaders, and related tools – we have the, fly tying tools, fly tying tools, fly tying thread, fly tying vise, stonfo bobbin.

this page has links to all of our fly tying tutorials, including full recipes, alternates, and videos. go to tutorials. shop the loon “ergo” grip is exactly what it it entails ergonomics at its finest. the fit and feel of this bobbin in your hands feels to be just fly tying bobbins are an essential tool of the fly tier. the bobbin holds your thread spool and maintains constant tension on the thread, helping you to make, what size bobbin for fly tying, smhaen bobbin, loon bobbin, fly tying scissors.

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