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in this article, we are going to list our favorite forceps for fly fishing and explain a bit about how to use this really handy tool. forceps are also great for those times when things go wrong fly fishing and you end up with a hook wedged in your skin somewhere. dr. slick has got a great reputation for making high-quality fly fishing tools (we use their scissors for fly tying) and these are no exception. at 4″ in length, these are perfect for freshwater fish such as trout. they are made of surgical quality stainless steel and a durable and convenient pair of forceps.

they have a built in line cutter that’s suitable for braid and a hook eye cleaning pin. these are a great pair of forceps, particularly if you have larger hands. to remove the hook, you need to grab the hook in the points of the jaws at the end of the hook and with a prizing action pull it out in the direction that it entered the fish’s jaws. all of the models of fly fishing forceps we’ve reviewed have most of these features.-stainless steel construction to prevent corrosion-a self-clamping mechanism-lightweight-comfortable handles and grips-able to be attached easily to a zinger or lanyard-long jaws to get a hook out of a fish’s mouth forceps with the locking clamps such as fly fishing forceps are called hemostats in a surgical context because they are used extensively to clamp small blood vessels.what else can you use fly fishing forceps for besides removing flies?the best fly fishing hemostat models can be used for a variety of uses beyond removing hooks. in fact, these tools are betting for saltwater fishing and lure fishing where you are dealing with larger and stronger hooks and fish with sure to get pliers with long enough jaws to allow you to avoid the fish’s teeth when removing lures and flies and obviously they should be stainless steel to avoid corrosion. keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

forceps, clamps, hemostats… whatever you like to call them, they are an integral part of any fly angler’s essential gear. either way, forceps or pliers allow anglers to perform numerous common tasks while on the water. pacific fly fishers carries forceps and pliers from great manufacturers like dr. slick, rising, umpqua, and loon. most forceps are designed with a flat (non-serrated) area at the tip of the jaws. this flat, non-serrated portion of the jaws makes it quick and simple to pinch barbs on flies to make the hook barbless. this convenient feature allows the angler to lock the forceps closed and hang them on the outside of a pack, vest, waders, or just about anywhere. this feature is so handy because forceps are used so often that it is nice to have them in a very handy area.

the little, tiny split shot we commonly use in fly fishing is difficult to handle and good forceps make it much easier to pinch the split shot into place and then pinch it just lightly enough to then remove it from the leader. most designs of fly fishing forceps are designed so that your fingers go through loops to hold them just like a pair of scissors. mitten clamp forceps are certainly the way to go if you’re wearing mittens or bulky gloves, but some anglers simply prefer this style of forcep/clamp. scissor clamp style forceps can be very handy for cutting monofilament in addition to all of the other uses we’ve described. with scissor style forceps, just be sure to keep the scissor blades away from your tippet when releasing fish or else you can accidentally cut the tippet in the process! saltwater anglers usually prefer pliers and a good pair of stainless steel or anodized aluminum pliers is usually nearby any saltwater angler on a shallow bonefish flat or cruising the open ocean in search of sailfish or tuna. these barb pliers are specifically designed for quickly pinching barbs and usually have no serrations on the inside of the jaws.

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