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with the recent surge of interest in anglers to fish for carp on the fly, we can only imagine that the species will continue to learn and evolve and become increasingly more challenging to pursue for fly fishermen. not in the sense that he most expensive gear has to be used, but strong tackle and a good rig is important. the advantages to fishing a fiberglass rod for carp is the slower action to the rod that fiberglass will give. as with the rods there are a lot of reels on the market today and the biggest factor for you in carp fishing will be the actual drag system. on a side note the color of the reel can also be a factor in which reel is selected. there are also a number of species of carp and the patterns may change from species to species.

the reason for that is in the calmer water the carp are a lot easier to spook and details make a difference. when in the slower water i will try and get as close as i can to the fish and try to be in a position where i can “dap” the fly to the fish that is feeding. due to the various colors that it is sold in and can be tied in the options are endless. so if dapping it is out of the question then the ‘drag and drop’ technique is the way to go, placing the fly a little further away from the fish than normal. or it can be dropped in the feeding range of the carp and in a sense “jigged” along the bottom. the dubbing will have to be long strands of material so that is can be pulled out and give the look needed. used for manipulating material on the fly as needed and also used to apply the head cement at the end of the fly.

to name a few: location, mood, posture of the fish, and time of year. if you throw that rusty orange pattern at a carp in the winter he’s going to know something’s up because it’s not normal for him to see that in the winter months. if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at chasing these golden ghosts of the shallows, here are 3 tips you must know to get in the action with these easily spooked creatures. carp like to cruise while searching the bottom for a quick and easy snack. toss a small unweighted fly to them and hope for the best. carp are very boring when it comes to fly patterns. i fish and guide in the waters of north carolina where we have the more calm and gentle carp that have very subtle takes.

fly presentation is important when carp fishing – if you throw the fly too hard and smack the water, the fish is going to spook. pursuing carp on the fly takes a skilled and accurate cast, so before heading out on the water, take a few practice casts to get ready. to do this, drag your fly away from the carp and let it sink, mimicking a fleeing crawfish or nymph. he’s been guiding locally for 10 years and then decided to take it to the next level so he opened high grass guides with two of his buddies, hoping to make it into a living. i live in lake havasu az, a great fishery and one of the most under rated carp fisheries in the states. found a nice shallow beach where early morning carp feed, from 3 to 15 lbs. a win for the angler and the waterways i got 13carp and 3 cat fish on a 6wt fly rod and reel 6lbs test with a 6wt floating line and 6lbs line 8lbs all up to 25 lbs cats were 3 lbs to 8lbs on carp best have 200 yards of backing @ least 3 bigger ones almost spun 100 yards out i used a really slow sinking method for my carp fly’s i am so hooked on fly fishing carp here in the desert of central washington, carp offer opportunities to chase big, hard fighting fish during the heat of summer. @wayne walts, no they’re not as fast as a bone but: if you hook a big one they just go, slow but they go and it’s like you hooked a garden tractor!

fly fishing for carp has been gaining popularity within the past couple of years and what was once considered a trash fish is now something that is pursued. the most known and productive action method for carp fly fishing is called the drag and drop. to do this, drag your fly away from the carp and unweighted flies – these flies are helpful to target slowly cruising or “sunbathing” fish that are found at or near the top of the water column., carp on the fly rod, carp on the fly rod, best fly line for carp, carp fishing fly rod, carp flies for sale.

carp flies must be small and wiggly for best results. crayfish imitations, woolly worms, woolly buggers, and trout-style nymphs in sizes six “stealth and presentation trump fly selection, every time. keep the sun at your back for better vision,” allen fires in short bursts. “learn to carp will take carp flies that are suspended, or sometimes moving as in the great lakes, at their head level particularly when slowly cruising. this comes in, rio carp fly line, carp worm fly, colorado carp flies, spring carp flies.

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