float and fly

it started off as a way to fish small jigs and minnows to catch crappies in the winter. i was amazed that he was able to almost duplicate the catch rate we had with live bait, and after he landed a number of nice bass in very short order, i was begging him to set me up with a similar rig. the rig really shines when it comes to catching quality smallmouth bass in early spring and late fall, but it is also an effective technique for largemouths, pickerel, crappies, bluegills and trout. luckily for me, my friend john introduced me to his version of the rig, which utilizes a slip bobber and can be fished on a standard-length rod.

when you make your backswing, you have to make sure that the lure hits the water behind you and the rod is fully loaded before you cast. put a couple drops of your favorite scent on the jig and let her fly! after a few fish, retie and adjust the depth of the jig. whether you want to kick off your season early or extend it well into the fall, i can’t think of a more versatile rig to fish for a multitude of species. so i swiched to a 6 weight fly rod and started casting several bass bugs with less luck then the day before.

float ‘n fly originated in the clear lakes of eastern tennessee and was discovered by accident, by fishermen who were trying to catch crappie. you have to fish shady banks and generally you won’t catch big numbers of fish.” in kentucky, the float ‘n fly is still a relatively local technique, most popular on dale hollow lake and nearby lake cumberland. a typical situation has the boat over 45 feet of water and anglers casting to banks where the water is more than 20 feet deep. and he is likely to be fishing out in the middle of a big creek if he finds small ditches, dropoffs, rock piles or weed beds.

to fish the rig, cast the bobber and jig toward the bank and allow the jig to settle. “the jig is right in front of the fish’s nose and looks like an easy meal,” he said. coan uses a small brass three-way swivel to connect the line, leader and bobber. “when you reel the bobber up to the tip of the rod and you’ve still got 10 feet of line out, you need someone to put a landing net under the fish,” coan said.

if you’ve never fished the float n fly the concept is very simple. you suspend a fly (much like a crappie jig) below a float (bobber) and wait we offer many new concepts in wellness today: aerial yoga, float therapy, infrared sauna, halotherapy, sound healing and massage! a selection of float-and-fly jigs. i first experimented with float-and-fly rigs early one spring. like any new fishing technique, success brings, float rig for bass, float rig for bass, cumberland pro lures float n fly, float n fly dale hollow, st croix float n-fly rod.

the float n fly was born in eastern tennessee and it started when the crappie anglers in the area were complaining about catching smallmouth while fishing the term float ‘n fly is a bit misleading because it’s really a jig and bobber rig with a 1/32-, 1/16- or 1/8-ounce lead-head jig fished on a long leader below the float and fly fishing concept is really quite brilliant. it’s a way to keep your bait suspended at any depth in the water column. you use a slip bobber, thill floats, bullet lures float n fly, punisher float ‘n fly jig, spro phat fly.

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