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for the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on javascript in your browser. not all spoons are created equal, though, and the best trout spoons i have found for catching trout have never been seen by most stream fish. the lindy quiver spoon came out a few years ago and is highly popular for ice fishing, especially for walleyes and panfish. both spoons are flat and with a narrow profile and slight wave in the shaping that aids the wobble. the quiver spoon shimmies with intermingled erratic rolls when reeled, creating vibration and sending out a lot of flash. the 1/8-ounce model is perfect for normal conditions in the appalachian streams that i most commonly fish and is the one i tie on the most.

in terms of the original quiver spoon vs. the rattl’n quiver spoon, i’ll generally start with the rattling version. i always watch the water behind my lure for as much of a presentation as possible because trout commonly follow lures, and i want to see how they respond to attempts to trigger strikes. my go-to approach is to cast upstream or angle a cast upstream and let my trout spoon tumble in the current as i take up slack until the bait bumps bottom. for swifter shallower runs or more aggressive fish, i’ll reel faster and move the lure more with the reel than the rod. as much as a stream run allows, though, i try to let the current aid in the natural presentation of the spoon and seek to work it close to current seams and cover, such as boulders and brush, and to eddies along the bank. instead, i remove the treble hook from the split ring and replace it with a bait hook that is a bit larger than the treble hook.

below you will find the best trout fishing lures in the spoon genre of all time. we have drawn on all of our collective backcountry fishing experience to bring you this list of the top five best spoons for trout fishing. when these features are coupled with needle sharp hooks and a decent swivel, you really do have the king of spoons. the luhr-jensen hus is perfect for backcountry trout fishing in small streams and rivers. it is designed to be used in strong currents, where the movement of the water will ‘work’ the lure and draw fish in.

while they come in all sorts of different colors and designs typically the gold and silver are the two main designs that you will need as the flash from these lures add that extra visual to trigger a strike in a hungry trout. try and match the color of your lure to the baitfish in the area, but if you can’t do that, i would recommend the blue/silver variation. although the shape of the dardevle original is anything but original, the color schemes that this lure offers is something that has to be seen to be believed! rather than imitating anything, it presents itself in a range of flashy colors that – for some unknown reason – seem to do the trick! if possible, you need to try and find an area of stiller water to fish in for the spoon to have its full effect. if you are planning a trout fishing trip in the future, grab yourself a few of the best trout fishing spoons above.

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when pauses or slowed, it sinks slowly and flutters. either action engages the rattle in the rattl’n quiver spoon, helping fish find this trout best trout fishing lures: top 5 best spoons 1. acme little cleo 2. luhr-jensen hus lure 3. acme kastmaster / southbend kastaway 4. mepps little wolf 5., best trolling spoons for trout, suburban trout spoons, best fishing spoons, how to fish with a daredevil spoon.

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