fishing spoons for bass

spoon fishing for bass may not always be among the most popular ways to catch bass, especially with all the other lures available, but it can be a pretty good tactic in tough conditions. this means they can create a unique side-to-side movement under the water when they’re on the descent. spoons can be great for targeting bass in deep water but can often be passed over in favor of other, more modern lures. there are a few different types of spoon lures that can work well, depending on the conditions, and they can often be a good choice to use when fishing in cold water.spoon lures are designed to imitate baitfish when moving or falling through the water. they can be particularly useful when the water temperatures start to rise and could work best when the water is over 70 degrees. > lines for bassflutter spoons can be attractive to bass because of the way they fall through the water, so a bass will often strike as the spoon is falling.

winter can be one of the best times to fish with jigging spoons as they can work well in very cold conditions when bass are in deep water.unlike with flutter spoons, you might want to opt for lighter line when fishing with a jigging spoon. jigging spoons can be best used when they’re fished vertically, which means you shouldn’t really need to cast it at all. these types of spoons can be ideal for bass fishing during the summer when fish might be closer to the top of the water. they can be cast into cover and reeled in to keep the spoon moving along the surface. spoons can be an effective lure to use all year round but can be a great choice for targeting bass in deep water, especially in cold winters. they can also be a good option to use when other lures aren’t quite hitting the mark or if you’re in heavily fished waters.have you had any luck fishing with spoons this year?

shopping for them, and getting the best spoons for bass possible, is easily done with a better understanding of the different types. spoons are good to use when bass are in a tight area or stacked on top of one another in the water. because of their weight, spoons are generally easier to cast and require more of a whip of the road rather than the full armed cast anglers might have to do with lighter lures. good for use in heavy cover where the chance of snagging on obstacles is high, slop spoons provide a weedless remedy to this problem and usually come through unscathed. this involves casting off of a boat and running the lure in the water as the boat continues to move.

the variety of colors and customization options with trolling spoons is just as large too. weedless spoons are those that have a hook placement that’s unlikely to catch on obstacles in the water. the weight of a lure is an important consideration as it contributes both to the length of the cast and to a spoon’s general action. jigging spoons might need something with a higher gear ratio however, something in the range of 6:1 being ideal. with a better understanding of what makes a great spoon it’s time to take a look at some of the most popular choices in this lure category. the second southbend on this list, these steel spoons are a good choice for bass fishermen looking to pick up a specific light weight of spoon as they have 1/32, 1/16, 1/5, 1/4, and 3/8 ounce options.

slop spoons generally consist of a smaller cupped spoon with a single hook, often with a weedguard molded into the spoon itself that can be fish over and first is the most popular bass spoon fishing technique. spoons have the best drop for jigging because of the flash and flutter you get. you’ll one trick to remember when fishing with spoons like the best spoon is to add a swivel. it will prevent line ties as the unpredictable, erratic bait falls to the, best size spoon for bass, best size spoon for bass, best fishing spoons, how to fish flutter spoons for striped bass, how to fish a flutter spoon.

make your initial pitch, then let the spoon flutter to the bottom. try pulling it just a bit to see if it will drop down another level. once you spoons are metal lures that use flash to get bass to bite. some of them have curved bodies that causes them create a fluttering action when moving through fishing for bass with spoons might be the best all-around deep water lure choice for anglers the year round, but the truth is, they’re great, bass fishing a flutter spoon, saltwater flutter spoon, casting spoons, jigging spoons.

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