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if you click a link and make a purchase, utah outdoor activities may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. for example, my favorite fishing lure is the panther martin, which are made to target different species of fish. in this article, i’m going to share with you the methods i use when choosing a fishing lure, which for me personally depends on the body of water i’m currently fishing for the day. when i’m standing in the store looking at all of the different fishing lures the very first thing i think about is what type of body of water do i plan on fishing. the next thing i think about is the characteristics of the body of water. will you be fishing deep holes, or small shallow holes? for deep holes a larger lure may help you fight the current and get to the bottom faster. however, the average size of fish in a small trout creek maybe 9 to 11 inches.

the time of year you are fishing will also play a huge part in what size of fishing lure you should be using. if you are planning to fish a creek or river in early spring, the runoff would make the current very strong, and in most cases very difficult to fish. if fishing in the winter months, the metabolism of the fish slows down and they will not expend a lot of energy chasing food. in the summer when the water warms the trout will head deeper and a heavier weighted lure will have to be used to target the deeper depths that hold the fish. although the methods above are what i use when deciding on what size of fishing lure to use. like i mentioned earlier in this article my favorite fishing lure that has produced for me since i was a kid is the panther martin. having these 4 sizes of fishing lures in my tackle box allows me to target just about any body of water in the state. utah outdoor activities is your online resource to the utah outdoors. for more than 20 years we have been exploring and documenting the many things do to in this great state.

when it comes to catching rainbow trout from a river or lake, one of the best approaches is a lure. for most lures and some spinners, a small snap swivel will be needed to prevent the line from twisting. a favorite trout spinning rod of mine is a two-piece, 6-foot, 6-inch g.loomis gl2 trout & panfish spinning rod with a 4- to 8-pound-test fishing line rating and handling 1/16- to 5/16-ounce lures. the last thing you want to do is stay in one place, casting repeatedly to the same spot. if the amount of bank you can cover on a lake is limited by brush, steep cuts or other obstacles, then work all the water you can with one presentation, then switch to another and cover the same water, again. vary the color, size and action of the lures and spinners being used. in the upper sections of a riffle, the water is shallow and fast flowing, so work current edges.

as you reach the end of the rifle, the water gets deeper and slower moving, and this is where many trout congregate. this is a good place to jig spinners and lures, as the falling action will often elicit a strike. at the very end of the riffle you get to what’s called a tail-out. some of the best all-around trout spinners include a rooster tail like worden’s lures rooster tail trout pak, the thomas buoyant, mepps spinner and dardevle lures. get a selection of spinners and lures, including different colors and sizes, and be willing to try them all. it doesn’t take much gear to be a successful trout angler, and nowhere is this truer than when it comes to fishing spinners. the bass pro shops 1source site has a goal to provide outdoor industry content that is informational, tells where-to and how-to, presents views and opinions from outdoor writers as well as fishing and hunting professionals including many recreational and industry experts.

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