fishing house

the ice shanty or ice fishing house (also known as a fish coop, darkhouse or bobhouse) is popular in northern communities where ice fishing is a major winter sport. the ice shanty is placed on top of a frozen lake over a favorite fishing hole drilled into the ice. most of the time they are just a simple way to stay warmer while keeping an eye on a bobbing fishing pole. the construction of ice fishing houses needs a little more consideration than your typical hunting blind or lakeside cabin.

it’s helpful if they can easily be moved from the shoreline onto the lake and back again; having wheels or skids are part of a good ice shanty design. in fact, various ice houses can be purchased online from wisconsin architectural photographer, mike rebholz, photographs the annual ice fishing sport on the state’s wintery lakes. richard johnson of canada also photographs the colorful and charming ice fishing houses of the north’s frozen lakes.

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