fish attractant

if you can toss a baitcloud in the water, you can use baitcloud. inserts have been designed to be used with a wide range of baits and lures and can be attached in a variety of ways. using our popular multi-species formula, baitcloud inserts will last for multiple casts (30-50), all while releasing our proprietary scent and multi-sensory triggers that mimic baitfish. place an insert inside or attach it to your favorite bait or lure to add a new level of realism and trigger more strikes.

i started using this over a year ago and i’ve been so impressed. i’m a tournament angler and when that one big kicker matters, you can’t afford for the fish not to bite. i’ve used all of their scents for bass, panfish and catfish. i have even thrown the shad scent while fishing in saltwater and had a lot of success. baitcloud creates a scent and a visual cloud that attracts a variety of fish to the this video for proof that largemouth bass are not immune to the attraction zone created by baitcloud.

alive®, powerbait® dip and attractants are created to attract fish on a molecular level to help you catch more fish. when it comes to wrangling big trout, walleye, or a bass on the end of your line, don’t rely on guesswork. fish possess a powerful sense of smell — one which helps them locate forage and feed, and that’s led to hundreds of manufacturers releasing a host of attractants to the market based on hope and flimsy evidence purported to catch more fish.

anglers seeking to enhance their ordinary lures and bait by adding scent and flavor have come to the right place. long-lasting attractant with a unique delivery system is irresistible to fish – why leave anything to chance when a massive trout is in the balance? exclusively formulated to attract trout and help them hang on 18 times longer, it always gives you the advantage.

baitcloud fish attractant balls bring fish to you with scent, sound, visual & vibrations. buy online or at your nearest outdoors store. start catching fish discover the best fishing attractants in best sellers. baitmate classic scent fish attractant, for lures and baits – 5 fl oz 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,122. bang fish attractant 16oz trigger spray gene larew biffle bug juice fish attractant 1.25oz power team lures hog tonic fish attractant 2oz., .

shop for fish attractants in fishing lures & baits. buy products such as berkley half head jigs fishing jigheads at walmart and save. fish attractants come in a variety of packaging. jars, tubes, spray canisters and squirt bottles — a wide range of options for an angler looking i created this video with the youtube video editor (http, .

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