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july is one of those months here in the lowcountry when it is a favorite to target the inshore slam, which consists of red drum, spotted seatrout and flounder. what’s great about targeting these three fish is that there are a few live baits that will catch all three, and finger mullet is at the top of the list, or should i just say mullet. a couple of dozen can be kept alive in a five-gallon bucket with a quality air pump and, of course, the perfect size to use for live bait. one of the downfalls of using live shrimp is that everything eats shrimp, and it can be hard to keep one on the hook long enough for one of these game fish to get a hold of it. the other great thing about finger mullet this time of year is that they usually can be found in great numbers and these game fish know that and will be purposefully targeting them specifically. put your fight line through the egg weight.

then tie your fight line to one side of the swivel. then tie the other end of the fluorocarbon to your hook, using knots that you are comfortable with and you find to be successful. this will allow the fish to swim around and stay lively but also allows the fish to pull water in through its mouth and then out of its gills and keeps them oxygenated. last, but not least, if you find that the water is dark and murky, you can cut the finger mullet in fresh chunks and cast them out. when targeting spotted seatrout, you can either cast the live bait out and let it sit on the bottom and wait or you can twitch the live mullet in across the bottom or mid-water to create a reaction strike. flounder are ambush predators and usually will pit themselves in the sediment on the bottom and wait for anything on their diet to cross their path before striking. but using the right technique at the right time can make for a good day of fishing and turn it into catching.

when it comes to fishing in the coastal waters of south carolina, mullet fish are commonly found. the mullet is valuable to anglers for a multitude of reasons. the striped mullet is the most common mullet to be found and the largest. striped mullet tend to be in the 1-3 pound range and have longitudinal stripes, a silver belly, and dark upper half. the tail of a white mullet is far less forked than a striped mullet. it is unlikely you will find a mountain mullet because they are rare. the mountain mullet grows up to around 12 inches in length. the mullet is both excellent table fare and an ideal bait for fisherman. most prefer to smoke the flesh of a mullet. anglers who plan to catch mullet either for food or bait often use a cast net because it is rare for mullet to bite a bait. when it comes to bait, anglers prefer finger mullet.

finger mullet is the ideal bait for inshore and offshore fish because of not only their size but because predator fish frequently dine on mullet. when it comes to searching for mullet, look for commotion at the top of the water. to avoid spooking them, keep a distance of at least five feet between you and the mullet. once the mullet disperse, they will take time to join as a group again. toss the net over the mullet and let the net sink to avoid mullet from escaping the bottom. to keep the mullet alive, place them in a bucket with an aerator or an onboard live well. at the end of the day, the mullet can be bagged, frozen, and used for cut bait on another fishing trip. offshore, drop a mullet down on a reef for sea bass or float one on the surface for mackerel. the next time you head out saltwater fishing, throw a cast net for finger mullet. keep them alive and fish them under a float or along the bottom with a weight. anchors up carolina receives commissions by clicking links or making purchases. we are not biased and guide you in making the most informed decisions when it comes to buying.

finger mullet are a seasonal estuarial visitor. brackish water areas come alive with schooling finger mullet as hot summer days settle in. the name finger mullet is a nickname given to juvenile mullet that are about the size of an adult person’s whole finger. this size is perfect to when it comes to bait, anglers prefer finger mullet. the term finger mullet refers to small-sized mullet, the length of an adult’s finger., cut mullet bait, cut mullet bait, live mullet bait, frozen mullet near me, mullet bait fish.

killer bee 223109 finger mullet ; product type fishing equipment ; item package dimensions l x w x h ‎6.6 x 1.8 x 0.4 inches ; package weight, ‎0.45 pounds. finger mullet is a small schooling fish that can be found in many areas, from bays and estuaries to coastal rivers and along sandy beaches. they finger mullet are an effective live bait that work well for various types of large predatory fish. they are a seasonal fish that flourish in, mullet hooks, how to catch mullet, mullet swimming, what size hook for mullet.

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