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finesse fishing is a style of bass fishing that uses light tackle with small finesse lures. by light tackle, we mean line in the four to six pound test range and spooled on a light action spinning rod. although you can finesse fish with a baitcaster, a spinning reel is more commonly used for fishing these small finesse baits. there is definitely a time when noisy and flashy baits are what you want, but there is also times to take a softer approach. the weight of a finesse jig is usually in the 1/8 ounce to 1/4 ounce range, and equipped with a smaller hook around 3/0 in size or smaller. the ned rig is a newer finesse option but don’t let that deter you. sometimes referred to as midwest finesse style, the ned rig is well know for putting up numbers in terms of quantity of fish. this rig is done using a stickbait like a senko worm, and simply hooking it right through the middle.

there is something about a wacky rigged stickbait that bass simply find irresistible. as the bait falls it has a fluttering action that fish can’t resist. a shaky head is a weighted worm rig consisting of a thin stickbait rigged on a jig head hook. the reason it is called a shaky head is because once the bait is positioned on the bottom you then shake your rod tip to make the tail end “shake.” this is when the line is tied to the hook, and also has a leader tied to it with a weight on the other end of the leader. the worm is usually nose hooked but can also be texas rigged if there are a lot of weeds where you’re fishing. the purpose of the drop shot rig is to keep the worm suspending up off the bottom, and when you jig the weight off the bottom the worm has a more natural looking movement. tubes are similar to jigs in that have a weighted head and a skirted tail. that’s why they are a popular choice for rocky or sandy bottoms, and why they make such a great smallmouth bait. tubes are mainly used to mimic a crawfish, but they have a spiral action when they sink that is great for mimicking a dying bait fish.

finesse fishing is a method of angling that typically uses light tackle and small-sized lures that goes against the gung-ho ethos of much of bass fishing. one of the big debates that often rears its head in bass fishing circles is the idea of subscribing to one school of style; power or finesse. consisting of a line tied to a hook with a trailer, a weight sits at the bottom of the line to keep the bait upright in the water. this allows the line to rotate in the water and gives the bait and its action more of a natural feel. sometimes jointed or paddle-tailed in design, the action they generate can disperse a lot of water and attract bass in from afar.

similar to a full-size jig in terms of design, a finesse is a smaller scaled down version that’s also lighter in weight. here we’ll take a look at the more general recommendations for the finesse fishing setup when it comes to rods, reels, and line. the finesse fishing community can differ somewhat in terms of recommended line. finesse baits are some of the more inexpensive fishing lures available in the bass fishing world. finesse fishing can definitely be an approach worth considering when circumstances are slow and the fish don’t seem to be biting.

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