ed2go certificate of completion

4. program cancellation policy: the student may request the student’s enrollment be canceled at any time before the student is registered for and granted access to the program or the first program, if purchasing more than one program at a time. if the program to which the student wishes to transfer costs more than the original program in which the student is registered, the student shall be charged the difference, plus the transfer fee and any applicable taxes. if the student is using one of ed2go’s financing options to pay for the program, the student must finalize any new financing within thirty (30) days following transfer approval from the school through which the student is enrolled, and the student must be current on the student’s existing loan.

the student may request a hold of up to ninety (90) days and holds will only be granted for those with extenuating circumstances, at ed2go’s discretion, such as military deployment or documented medical concerns. in addition, if the student owes any amount on a loan from ed2go and is delinquent on the student’s loan payments or installments for more than ninety (90) days, ed2go reserves the right to terminate the student’s access to the program without a refund. the parties expressly, knowingly and voluntarily waive any right to a trial by jury in any proceeding arising out of or relating to, and/or to enforce this agreement.

ed2go offers advanced career training programs and fundamental courses. for both, students are upon successful completion of an advanced career training program, the partner is responsible for issuing the the completion requirements: in order to receive a certificate of completion, the student must successfully, ed2go login, ed2go login, ed2go financial aid, ed2go accreditation, www ed2go admin.

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