dry fly patterns

although a very realistic looking fly it’s a very easy tie and will float all day … continue reading giant stonefly dry fly a very interesting pattern that puts deer hair to good use for both the body and the wing post. cdc para-weld caddis/sedge pattern … continue reading cdc para-weld caddis/sedge dry fly tying thread, one cdc hackle and a pinch of dubbing, makes one of the most essential patterns in my fly box! this very simple technique, uses a single natural cdc hackle and a small … continue reading pdq caddis/sedge dry fly this pale morning comparadun demonstrates a little different technique for the regular comparadun wing.

i have slowed down the tying and explain … continue reading fly tying for beginners – flying ant a lovely little cdc ant pattern, that is tied with only one cdc puff and a few turns of hackle. green machine pattern recipe … continue reading green machine salmon fly pattern a quick but effective pattern for one of the last large bugs of the year. with this technique you can tie flying ants in all black, red or as my personal favorite here … continue reading hot glue ant fly a simple yet extremely effective pattern that is easy to tie, but commands a little technique. the original wally wing was created by canadian tyer wally lutz in the early … continue reading yellow mayfly a very quick and easy, effective dry fly pattern for plant eating carp.

browse orvis’ collection of dry fly patterns. learn how to tie a variety of dry flies with these dry fly tying videos and detailed instructions. dry flies patterns tying instructions by barry ord clarke such as caddis dry flies, midge flies, grayling dry flies, mayfly dry flies. dry flies represent the purest form of fly fishing for trout. dry fly patterns are tied out of any material that floats. the feathers of them will come from, .

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