darrell peck bottom bait rig

i have used this rig on even the toughest of venues and enjoyed plenty of success, in both the uk and europe. starting with the components; when i fish with wafters or bottom baits in either 18 or 20mm, i will always use a size 6 wide gape. i have complete confidence in their strength but more importantly they just tend to stay in, even in the barbless version. something that i’ve always done is put the bait on the hair first, as this enables me to slide the bait up to the bottom of the bend of the hook, so i can be exact with my hair length. 12 turns with these components will leave the hair exiting the knot opposite the point and seems to work best for me. not whipping level with the point will lead to hair tangles and these will definitely cause hook pulls, so if your unsure, i’d give it an extra turn. i have fished it shorter and longer but this length again seems to work best.

i tie directly to the ring swivel of the hybrid clip and the same with an inline. i then finish it off with a matching tail rubber and 12” of the dark matter rig tubing. if you can make sure that all of the above about are taken care of, this rig will be absolutely fine. all you’re going to need to make this rig is some dark matter braid and wide gape hooks as below: – dark matter braid – find out more about this here: .uk/fishingtackle/dark-matter/dark-matter-braid – wide gape hooks – find out more here: .uk/fishingtackle/hooks/wide-gape right, let’s make the rig! step 2: start by tying a hair loop in the end of the braid, using an overhand knot. step 4: now slide a wide gape up the link and position it as in the picture on the above carousel on ‘step 4’. step 6: now tie the other end of the link to a hybrid lead clip with a five-turn grinner knot.

of course i have rig(s) that i favour, and if i am honest, they haven’t really changed much in the last 10 years. contrary to the modern-day carper i don’t place too much faith in rig mechanics, my emphasis is on anti-tangle qualities, probability of presentation and hook-to-land ratio (reliability). i don’t have space to write about all of them, so i’ll cover a simple bottom rig. i tend to fish these on super clean, desert-like bottoms i.e. silt, sand, clay or gravel, and it’s possibly the most simple rig in human history!

this is tied to a size 6 wide gape hook, whipped down exactly level with the point and the bait given 5-10mm clearance off the bottom of the bend. b: because it doesn’t tangle when used with large baits like i mentioned and is felt to the bottom on a tight line. c: even if it was looped-up off the bottom i believe it wouldn’t stop a carp picking it up. many years ago, as a 21-year-old lad, i had the yateley fish on this very presentation and even then this rig was considered old hat. if i could give you a small piece of advice, it would be don’t take everything that you read as gospel regarding rigs.

step 2: start by tying a hair loop in the end of the braid, using an overhand knot. step 3: thread on a wafter hook bait and secure with a hair stop. step 4: darrell peck rigs 16-06-2017 11:21:00 this rig is for larger sinking baits, i.e. 18-20mm wafters, bottom baits or snowman rigs. i tend to fish these on darrell’s rig ethos revolves around the maxim, “the less complex a rig is; the less there is to go wrong!” he’s caught an eye-watering number of big fish on, slip d rig, slip d rig, darrell peck combi rig, darrell peck hinged stiff rig, tom dove wafter rig.

through the years, darrell’s wafter rig has caught sort after fish both home and abroad from some notoriously challenging venues! “this is a in the spring, single pop-ups catch you loads of fish but in ***pecky’s combi-multi rig*** darrell peck has had a truly he could probbly catch a uk 40 by just throwing his bait in with out a rig., korda rigs diagrams, darrell peck simple rigs.

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