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the b’n’m poles stick and super stick are throwbacks to their popular stiff crappie rods from the early 80s. the stick was made for spinning reels and the super stick is made for baitcasters. the rods are light and comfortable to hold in your hand and have the backbone to swing big crappie in at a distance. but the real feature is the power of these rods and the integrated weight balance system in the butt of the rod that allows you to balance your rod with your reel so your rod won’t be so tip heavy and wear you out holding a 13 foot rod out in front of you all day.

these heavy action blanks with sensitive tips can feel the bite at a distance and swing fish easily. the new super grip rods from acc offer lightweight, power, sensitivity and comfort in a modernized rod for crappie fishing. he puts a cheap $20 crappie reel on it, fills it with braid and proceeds to jack crappie all over the country. the medium-power rod is easy to hold under your forearm all day and balances well with a spinning reel or a baitcaster. a lot of guys using livescope and “sniping” crappie are using long rods with baitcasters and braid now.

a common refrain is “i hate trolling.” some fishermen are even perfectly willing to sacrifice numbers for the pure joy and adrenaline rush of “feeling the thump.” “it’s definitely one of the reasons i like to fish with a single rod at times,” said tournament veteran and crappie guide gerald overstreet. “there’s nothing quite like feeling that thump.” overstreet and most other tournament competitors concede the need to troll at times, and he and tournament partner steve brown will almost always be found with a rack of b’n’m trolling rods in the boat. they might not like the drop rate of a bigger jig, but quickly changing to a smaller jig, and it’s not time-consuming like changing out an entire spread of trolling rigs and it will produce immediately. he gives an example of fish that are holding at eight feet but want the lure one to two feet above them and it is much easier to make that lure presentation with a single rod. that’s usually all the movement that you need to trigger a strike.” louisiana angler steve danna is one of the iconic figures in the crappie fishing world.

the steve danna tree thumper, available in 10- and 11-foot models, is a perfect blend of sensitivity and power. overstreet runs to one of the many treetops or stumps that he has marked on the river. a frequent change is to reduce the number of trolling rods to six or seven and use the shorter crappie jigging pole or casting rods to target select locations. “we can take the single crappie jigging pole and hit either side or the front and back, maybe give the fish a little more time to see a lure than would be the case with trolling,” the approaches to a livewell full of crappie are many and varied. for more great hunting and fishing content for the deep south, subscribe to great days outdoors print and digital editions or click the image to download this issue.

the original buck’s graphite jig pole – redesigned from $42.74 ray scott jigger pole from $32.99 buck’s custom crappie rod from $54.73. fish finder – garmin gpsmap 8612 12″ chartplotter live sonar – garmin panoptix livescope simply based on sheer numbers, putting more lures in the water probably means more crappie. an eight rod spread across the front of a boat, with, best crappie rods for jigging, best crappie rods for jigging, jig pole fishing, telescopic crappie pole, best crappie rods 2021.

our crappie rods are strong enough to withstand frequent use, but light enough to feel a fish on the line. gear up with panfish rods and jig poles from acade. these super lightweight, well balanced poles breakdown into 2 pieces for easy travel and storage. the graphite jig pole is finished in non-reflective, flat crappie rods. lew’s mr. crappie slab daddy jig/troll spinning crappie combo. 4.2 out of 5 stars 103., 12ft crappie rod, acc crappie rod, crappie rods and reels, 10′ crappie rods.

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