crappie fishing boat accessories

you do not have to take that $56,000 bass boat out and get it banged up. i have a small what i call a pond jumper or a two man boat if i am fishing a very calm lake and one that is not that large. some of the smaller lakes might not have a ramp to back the trailer in and all you have to do is off load it out of the back of the truck and into the lake. this is a great idea for the whole family to pack a lunch and everyone get out for the day. i think the best way is for me to run down my check off list starting with the most important items: fishing license, boat registration and life jackets for all passengers that is what i would call the basic equipment. you do not want to become part of the stats at the end of the year and become one of the many that will not be returning next season. i know you are saying that you’re a good swimmer, but let me warn you about cold water temperatures.

if you’re out early in the season, that water is a lot colder that you can even think. gas operated boats now come with a kill switch cord on the motors. anytime the big motor is running, the driver should have the cord attached to his or her life vest. that way if something was to happen and you fell over; the kill switch would be pulled shutting the motor down and it would not come back and get you. if you are using a john boat and a small motor, once you have placed the motor on the boat always run a safety chain from the motor to the boat. the next time they start it up; the motor jumps off the back of the boat and is gone. forget some of these items and it can be a nightmare.

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